Each decision  ... every day mounts up into a life time of difference.  

We can make a difference.  Each decision every day mounts up into a life time of change.  

I believe in buying local, eating seasonal produce, supporting British farmers and our artisans, and buying fair-trade. 

I love good quality and it's certanily something to shout about.  Whether it is the perfect ingredient, the best gadget, a brilliant supplier or exceptional customer service I feel compelled to let people know about it.

I like to put my money where my mouth is .. as such it's mostly related to food anyway .. so if it's British and local then even better.  The companies here have products that I genuinely know, love and use and in effect I have a relationship with certain brands because they are great companies who care about their product and their customers, not just today .. but longterm.  These are brands I stick with.

I know you are wondering .. and yes  I'm on a budget  ...  and yes these companies are not necessary the cheapest, but they do offer great value for money and the best quality and service and in the end you get what you pay for.   So you will see these brands come up over and over again through out my daily life because I know them, I really do use them and  I love them so you will see them in my home and in my blog.

Now although I don't want to stand on an orange box and preach  .. we're all having to make choices about where we spend our money but despite the gloom and doom I feel both a national and regional pride for my county and you don’t have to be rich to be proud. There is dignity in self-reliance, it gives a security of supply and secures our future prosperity so please think about buying locally and British food if you can -  even if you are on a budget!

If you want to make your own bread there is only one place to go!  It has to be Bakery Bits.  I first heard of them through Dan Lepard and can't recommend them highly enough. Really helpful & they have everything you could possibly need to make real bread.

About five years ago I met Chantal Coady, She is amazing. In 1983, Chantal Coady dared to follow her dream of sharing with others her love for chocolate. She now has three exquisite shops, and the most delicious chocolates l've ever eaten and, she has certainly shared her dream with thousands of customers around the world – all the while supporting ethical trade for cocoa farmers. Her chocolate is wonderful and she has also been one of the most supporting people I know. 

Waitrose.  It's partnership goes a long way in setting standards across the industry.  It has policies that reduce food waste and the amount of packaging. It was the first supermarket to insist that all eggs were free range and banned the use of hydrogenated fats in it's products in 2006.  Britain is home to some of the best examples of food and drink in the world and Waitrose has long championed British producers, often celebrating the small family ventures, promoting locally produced specialities and encouraging traditional cooking techniques.  I love that they support local food producers in my region too. Bravo Waitrose.

Burgon & Ball began manufacturing in 1730 in the industrial heartland of Sheffield.  For 280 years they have produced some of the finest sheep shears and cutting tools in the world. You can’t beat their gardening products.  They are quite simply the best in the world and their tools make gardening even more of a pleasure

 After fifty years of intensive breeding, David Austin's English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat flowering of modern roses. They are  beautiful, easy to grow, healthy and reliable.   Of course you can use the petals in your cooking and cake decorating.  There are some fabulous varieties that make exceptional cut flowers for the table. They can be grown as magnificent, shapely shrubs or trained as short climber and their collection contains a rose for almost every garden situation. Perfect!

I just  love Thompson and Morgan, Since their first seed catalogue was published in 1855, Thompson & Morgan has grown to become one of the UK's largest Mail Order Seed and Plant companies through providing he very best quality.  I know whenever I get one of their plants or seeds to put in my garden that it will be seriously great quality and will grow. The customer service is brilliant and they have an amazing range.  It’s my first point of call for anything I need. I’ve not got to my second point .. I’ve never needed too 

You simply can't beat Farrow and Ball.  It really is the most fabulous paint you can buy and worth every penny. Farrow & Ball has been making paint in Dorset, one batch at a time using eco friendly water based with ingredients such as Chalk, Lime Putty and China Clay. 

 When ever I write about a company who I am a brand ambassador for I use a sponsored post picture as you can see below so as not to mislead.