Recipe Testers required

I am lucky to have got a team of superb testers over the past 4 years .. but due to my expanding workload I am currently looking for a couple more to join.

I rarely ever publish a recipe that hasn't been tested, but I don't have unlimited resources, what I do have lots of amazing friends who are brilliant bakers cooks and testers.

If you would like join the team  and test recipes for me please email me. For the most part my recipes involve baking and more often than not they involve sourdough, however I am about to embark on a new venture very soon writing about a subject close to my heart…  ethical and sustainable ingredients .. so if you are willing to test a recipe I'd be really delighted. 

Here's what you have to do

1) Email me with your name and phone number and some details of what you can bake or cook.

If you are successful then you will need to come on the recipe testers training day .. which also includes being taught how to make sourdough. The course will be held on March 28th 2014

You will need to commit to testing a minimum of half a dozen recipes within 12 months of the date of the course. 

2) I will send you a recipe, which if you like it then you need to send a list and request the basic costs of the ingredients on a Paypal request.  I cover the main cost of ingredients and the cost of a stamp, however I assume that small amounts of ingredients such as a pinch of salt or a drop of oil you will have about in the kitchen. 

3) You cook the recipe following the instructions exaclty. There is a recipe testing sheet with a list of important things that need, and if you get stuck then you can phone me. 

4) You eat the food … then then the forms need to be posted back to me. 

Usually a recipe needs turning around within 7 days.  If it possible I will acknowledge you as the tester, however it is important for you not to share the recipe as I am not at liberty to give permission, especially if I am working under a publishing contracts for certain recipes, so you would need to sign and return a confidentiality agreement. 

I know  .. I'm terribly bossy …  but I am also enormously grateful! 


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