Friday, 18 June 2010

Elderflowers, Rocket Fuel and a Book Contract.

This week’s recipe is Elderflower and Rose syrup. It has an extraordinary affinity with champagne, which is a bonus really because that is what I’ve been drinking. Oh yes. Alastair took us all out last night, children as well, to celebrate. Heather H B's advice, I mentioned in my last post. Her motto is words that matter. Her words certainly did matter .. they were like rocket fuel, and now I have lift off!

It seems odd now to think how much I fretted about which food to take and how the publishers would view my ideas, especially how they would rate the importance of good photography. I believe that you eat with your eyes, and I worried that my convictions might have sounded too ambitious.

Typically, Wednesday was spent doing the food and photography for Saturday's Chronicle and Echo article, and I threw together what has turned out to be a superb cupcake. Rhubarb and Vanilla, with an Elderflower and Rose Buttercream. It was so thrown together that I have to go back and redo the buttercream and measure the quantities used.

It really is the most amazing feeling to know that the book in your head is going to be published. The tricks, idea's, passion and planning that go into my everyday life will be shared.

The publishers are an Independent run business in near Oxford. They are exceptional people, with a wealth of experience, they seem down to earth, relaxed knowledgeable, and I instantly felt very comfortable with them. The set up is really professional, but has a family feel, and I noticed how well they interacted with their team; always a good sign. They also have many authors that repeat publish with them, some obviously for many years. I am not in any position to judge anything in the publishing industry, being as I have literally just got the contract today, but my instincts are good and I felt at home. I left inspired and ( as if it were possible, ) even more motivated.

The book has to be written by December, and will be published in May, so it couldn’t be more fitting with the initial plans (see egg picture at the top of the page with the date on!) It is to be called Prepped, and is about being prepared for anything real life can throw at you.

I’ve so much to get done this weekend, putting the recipes and chapters in order, and now that there is an order and structure outlined for the book, my brain can slow down a little and I can focus. I can even see the final book in my head. I even see it in my hands and can almost turn the pages.

The child in me is leaping up and down shouting for sheer joy. The sensible me is actually typing this entry at the kitchen table working on the blurb, whilst my husband is watching the football, and oblivious to it all is the stray cat I rescued a couple of weeks ago, who is snoring loudly in a basket next to me.

How amazing is this!

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  1. Well done! Is that Spring Hill, by any chance?



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