Friday, 20 August 2010

Discovering a Local Plum Orchard

Each of the chapters in Prepped follows a flavour. Researching into the flavour is part of the background, and the fun, of writing this book. These next few weeks I shall be working on plums. Their round shiny, smooth skin giving way to sweet succulent orange flesh, they are summer lusciousness itself. Of course I know that there are Victoria plums, but aside from that I’ve never given much thought to which varieties make the best cooking .. so to find out more I thought I’d find a local orchard. After 2 hours of searching on the internet, and several phone calls to find a plum orchard anywhere .. at all ... in Northamptonshire I gave up. Instead I called Mansfield Farm in Kent. They grow about 8 varieties of plum and supply Waitrose. Craig, the manager was more than helpful and despite a protest from my husband, we were due to drive to Kent this weekend, to meet Craig and find out more about plums. Luckily for Alastair, I was complaining about lack of local fruit to Mrs Smith in our nearby farm shop, when she smiled and said that I needed to go and see Andy at New Creation Farm – just 5 miles away. I was, of course, a little disappointed not to be meeting with Craig, he sounded so interesting. However, I was seriously delighted to discover a local orchard. Andy kindly agreed to give me a special tour of the orchards and rather than just take photos I decided to try and share some of the visit with you. Forgive the home video approach, I am new to this side of things, but I hope you will enjoy the footage despite this. Thank you Andy, I shall be returning bearing plum food gifts soon.


  1. Hi Honey got your messages, have not had a minute to myself, doing a fine art gallery at the mo. Weather permitting we will meet up next week, the apples in the orchard are a delish lipstick red, ready for piccys to be taken and as many as you can take back home with you. It is very dangerous hanging out the washing, i get the buggers dropping on my head, it bloody well hurts dont you know, anyway see you sometime next week, makes no odds what day, i shall be titti-vating in the shop all week...Stephne x

  2. Hi,

    can you tell my where I can get the book from and when?


  3. Dear Anonymous .. that is a really great question and I will make a point of adding that information to the front of the blog .. the book is will be out in May 2011 and will, all being well, be available in all good book stores and on Amazon. As the book design is being done i am writing and there will soon be a chance to pre - oder on Amazon.

    In the meantime .. keep visiting .. I'll post various recipes each week.

    Hope this helps



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