Sunday, 11 December 2011

Roses for Christmas

I never really write a post on a Sunday, but today is the exception.  I really love my garden so whenever I've been asked what I would like for my birthday or as a house warming I've been asking for roses.  Aunty Inga,  my friend Cathinka and my husband all bought be roses yet I know when it is winter the last thing you think about is getting the garden ready for summer, but I’ve just spent most of the day getting in David Austin bare root roses in the ground with my husband doing all the hard work.  My job is to point, smile, praise and make tea for him. .. and yes I do sprinkle the root powder on too.

Now it’s dark and I’m just getting warm with a cup of tea. I am back at my computer, my damp hair is all curled into ringlets, the fire is lit and there is a lemon chicken roasting in the oven.  The children are watching Monsters inc and I can hear them giggling. I have a few minutes to pop up a post about these beautiful flowers and share my vision for summer. I would say that for any garden lover now is the time to get your roses in .. right up until March, and they make superb Christmas gifts. 

I have also ordered my flowers for Christmas  .. they are fabulous.


  1. I love David Austin roses and they do very well here in Melbourne. I recently bought a couple for a friend's birthday - she had just moved into a new house and was thrilled - and you are right they bring enjoyment year after year.

  2. These roses are very beautiful! I'm actually quite surprised that you are having so much roses during your winter seasons.

  3. it's always nice to see any sort of flower in winter, and your roses are especially beautiful! I'm glad you decided to blog them on a sunday (:

  4. My mother was the worlds biggest David Austin fan. When I finally make it out of the big smoke, I am going to fill my garden with their fabulous roses


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