Monday, 28 May 2012

The RHS Flower Show Chelsea Part 2

I suppose if I ask myself why I loved Chelsea flower show so very much it is because I was inspired.  Really inspired.  I’ve come home tingling with excitement, with new ideas about how to design my own gardens and with a large wish list of things I want to buy and plant.  It’s not just the gardens that are inspiring, but the exhibitors themselves go to a huge effort too.

One of my absolute must haves for this year is the new rose from David Austin Roses called tranquility ( it’s the white rose in the collage below)  you can listen to the Audio below as I caught up with David Austin to find out a bit more about this years roses

Th Laurent Perrier Garden, Avon Bulbs display, Clematis 

I was also really delighted to see Burgeon and Ball at the show .. the stand looked fabulous and there was so many things I wanted to get.  The latest thing are some strap on knee protectors .. which I have to admit to being a bit skeptical about .. probably because I don’t think that they will stay up on my knees!  But I can recommend their kneelo which I use almost daily!

I was delighted to debunk the can’t move a peony myth as I talked to a peony specialist.  

 I then went on the find out from Jan  from Harveys Nurseries why I have killed two lots of Himalayan Blue poppies..  I don’t think I will risk a third all the same as I don’t have acidic soil !

The Real Flower Company, Peonies, Burgeon and Ball, Tranquility from David Austin Roses, & Harveys Nursery plants for shade. 

Of course I was ever on the quest for supporting the British Flower industry so I was really pleased to see The Real Flower Company and I caught up with their beautiful posies and Rococo chocolates. 

 I must also thank interflora for the tickets I won for Saturdays Chelsea RHS flower show!


  1. Love all your photographs. Did you go twice? I always think I need to go every day of the week really to see everything properly although having the tv programmes on each day does help.

  2. No I didn't go twice .. but there was such allot to photograph and look at I had to write 2 posts up !

  3. Will have to check out the kneelo and the new David Austin roses. Problem - where to try and squeeze them in. So wish I could have been there this year.

  4. It was my first time and I will never miss it again !


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