Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lean How To Set Up & Run A Pop Up Bakery

 September 13th 2012

The course is based in Northampton and will be from 10am - 4pm.

I've been running a pop up bakery for quite a while now.  It's a brilliant way to make some money for the kids, or if you are being made redundant and want to turn it into a full time job.

Of course I have the advantage in that I worked in a Bakery in the South of France and I have a good commercial background.  There are lots of things to consider and yet it's also pretty straight forward too.  So I've put a course together to get you and your bakery off to a flying start.

We'll have a coffee and something to eat as you get here,  and I'll make a delicious lunch with vegetables from my garden.  I keep the numbers small.  We'll cover everything you need to be able to go home and set up your own confidently.

13th September 2012  - 10pm - 4pm


  1. What a great idea! Hope you are well - look forward to seeing you again soon. Heidi xx

  2. Only wishing I lived in the UK. Sounds like a new series of books to me!

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  4. That sounds brilliant, and I am sorry I missed it. Also that I don't live near Northampton!If you repeat it, I hope you'll let me know, or that I see it in time. Don't you need commercial premises to make the bread, though, just thinking about the volume?

    1. Hi Nick, Many bakeries start small. it's a great way to get going and you can bake a good 30 loaves in a home oven. Some people borrow premises .. like the local pub or a restaurant .. often the kitchens are not in use in the early morning. If you are not near to Northampton you might try looking up Rose Princes Pocket Bakery in London...


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