Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer update

James Galway Rose picked from the cutting garden by David Austin Roses

It’s been over a month since I posted and I’ve finally got the chance to sit and write for a few minutes. 

I have been up to my neck in house, garden and children, but coming back from a world far away from my own has also really altered the way I feel about my own world.  It’s hard to describe, but I felt that so many of the things I would normally write about seemed to have no relevance. I feel haunted, as though I must do something that matters. 

So I am sitting here wondering what I should write.  

Of course my list of things I will write about is pretty long.  I have the most beautiful flowers in the garden, inspired by a visit to Sarah Raven earlier in the year, and the most incredible salad growing in my Victorian kitchen garden that I really must share.  Oh and then there is the fabulous course I went on to the School of Artisan Food where I had a refresher in making some delicious croissants with Emmanuel Hadjiandreou.  

 Fresh croissants, children's baking courses, armfuls of garden flowers ! 

Of course my children are on their summer holidays and almost my entire waking day is spent running after them.  Their needs are absolute and I was delighted when I was asked to review the Cambridge Cookery School because they just had the best day learning to bake bread ever. Oh and then there is the end of the potting shed project.  We’ve spent the past six months turning the potting sheds into working offices for my husband to run his company from, the before and after photos are amazing.

I have some recipes I must share too. But it's hard. I suppose the only real way to start writing again is to ignore everything and just sit down and type. So here is a taster of the blog posts to come over the next few weeks and you’ll have to forgive the tardiness.  


  1. Looking forward to it - I've missed your lovely posts and photography - always inspiring, they make me want to DO STUFF!
    Paula x

  2. Gosh! I've missed your posts, I actually checked the other day that I wasn't somehow missing them. I think life changing events such as your visit to Africa, do make you stop and think. I know I have found writing posts difficult since my son has been serving in Afghanistan, our brains can really only deal with so much after all.
    I'm looking forward to reading your forthcoming posts Vanessa, and I have a photo on my next post which I think you'll be interested in, I'll tweet you when I post it,
    Have a super weekend
    Jude x

  3. I kept checking back thinking I'd missed my e-mail notice. Good to have you back and really lloking forward to the treats you have in store for us. GG

  4. Welcome back I have missed you! Come on squeeze us bloggers somewhere into your busy schedule even a little snippet here and there or a beautiful photo. Looking forward to your next post.

  5. Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement.


  6. I just love the pictures in this post!

  7. Your photos are always so good, but even better when we can see some more of your fabulous recipes. Look forward to reading more soon xx

  8. Hi Laura, I will post some more recipes soon.

    I'm working slowly but surely on another book so I guess I am saving the recipes for the next publication. ...



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