Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tickled Pink - listed in the Woman and Home Best Food Blogs

It's really taken me by surprise just how much this has pleased me! 
I'm not one for going in for prizes.  In fact I hate voting competitions with a passion as people round up all their friends and beg for a vote.  In fact I recently removed my blog from a well known directory that listed Goddess On a Budget as the number 3 food blog for almost a year because it brought all the wrong attention from commercial giver awayers of freebies, however this evening I received a tweet to congratulate me on being listed in the Woman and Home Best Food Blogs.

I sat at my computer and got really emotional about it.  You see to me this is a real compliment. It was totally unexpected and to describe my blog as an exquisite food and lifestyle blog bursting with recipes and championing affordable, sustainable produce just made me well up with tears. Proud tears.  So here I am sitting at almost 1 am, and I can't wake up my husband, or phone any of my other friends who are also listed ..  so I am blogging  .. about it  .. or rather bragging about it instead.

Huge congratulations to everyone who made it on to the list.  It's such hard work to write and keep up a blog, often with very little recognition.  A special congratulations to my friends listed below.  Very proud of you all


Ruth at The Pink Whisk
Dom at Belleau Kitchen 
Karen at Lavender and Loveage
Helen writes  Fuss Free Flavours 
Vivian at Vivian Lloyd
Linda at Filled with Love Cupcakes
Patrick at Bakery Bits
Sarah at Maison Cup Cakes
Andrea at Made with Pink
Julie at Angelina Cupcake 
Kavey at Kavey Eats
Jules at The Butcher the Baker
Fiona Author of London Unattached.
Katie at Turquoise Lemons
Pascale at Extra Relish 
Claire writes The things we Make 
Kate blogs What Kate Baked 
Heidi Roberts and Heidi Roberts Kitchen Talk
Ren at Fabulicious Food 


  1. Bravo! How wonderful for you and congrats to all the others on the list that I seem to know so well too (via blogging of course). Keep up the good work I do so love not only reading your blog but the whole pretty feel when I open it.

  2. Congratulations - it's well deserved.

  3. Well done you. You told me you went to bed at midight !!! Busted.

  4. Somehow I think my previous comment flew away into hyperspace! It was in the middle of the night your time - but any way Bravo and well done how exciting to be in the top 100!

  5. Very well deserved - congratulations. I ADORE reading each new post on your blog - It's always a perfect mix of visual eye candy and an education rolled into one!
    Paula x

  6. Great news, well done to a very beautiful blog X

  7. Congratulations Vanessa - also glad to see so many of my favourites on the list too.

  8. Greta work, all of you. The list made me grin when I saw what I consider to be "old friend-blogs" and smile again when I discovered new ones to enjoy. Well done for a great list Woman and Home

  9. Well done, just reading some of your blog and looks as if it's very well deserved. Beautiful pics and lovely feelgood posts.

  10. I am so delighted for you - I loved your blog from the very first time I opened the page and return to it often. Hope to see you again very soon! Lots of love from Filled With Love Cupcakes!
    Linda xxx

  11. I hope you have since been able to share this good news with your family and friends......well done!!


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