Friday, 3 May 2013

The Moulton Morris Dancers

I know it's nothing to do with food or cookery, but I love living in a community and I just had to share these pictures.  You see Morris Dancing almost disappeared in the 1980's.  But like real food it's had a renaissance and it was so good to walk to my local pub, with the children, watch these fantastic chaps and have a pint of Pot Belly, our local beer and laugh .. and laugh. 

Moulton Morris Dancers


  1. My grandad is a morris man (or was - at 90 he doesn't dance very much any more).
    He sometimes used to play the fool - unlike the drag fool in your pictures, his troop had an awesome wicker hobby horse, which the fool in his tall ribboned hat would 'ride' while it galloped round snapping its teeth.
    When we were little he used to pick us up and let us ride the horse with him :)


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