Saturday, 29 June 2013


The Kitchen Garden is looking beautiful at the moment. 
I've just popped a dozen chocolate and lavender pekin eggs under a broody .. so watch this space because in 21 days we will have some more chicks.  

This week has gone in a flash. I love teaching especially when it involves Fairtrade products combined with local seasonal food.  It is perhaps my favourite thing to do.  On Tuesday a lady simply hugged me because she was so thrilled as we took her sourdough out of the oven and it was the best feeling in the world. 

I suppose I value my quiet time more then ever when I am busy.  The time to reflect is in my garden and even though the weeds are giving me a real run for my money ... and the cutting garden is a month or more behind I love it. The truth is that the garden is always slightly out of control .. but oh how time disappears when I am phone free and alone.  I never thought I'd say that I actually enjoy pulling weeds.

At heart I am a cook who gardens rather than the other way around.  I plant with my stomach in mind, and do my absolute best to plant and grow things that minimise our impact on the environment, herbs and salad being my first priority but fruit and vegetables are never far behind.  I grow my food,  talk about food, write about food, photograph food and teach other people to make delicious food.. so on the odd occasion I get totally fed up of food.  So where do I go when I am looking for inspiration?  I always end up in the same place.  I sit at my kitchen table with Nigel Slaters Tender I a cook in his vegetable patch.  It is my absolute favourite book because the recipes are delicious, practical and always get me back in the mood to cook.  

Thank you Nigel.  Your books are wonderful.  


  1. I love Nigel Slater but haven't got this one - always on the look out for a new book for my bookshelf. I love the opportunity to get out in my garden - even when I am not pulling weeds - its just the place I like to relax and restore the soul.

  2. time alone is a wonderful thing. I love being with my family, but ooh, I do like my alone time too. I potter in the garden, or kitchen, or just do the ironing in peace.

    Your kitchen garden is looking amazing. Have you ever been to The Froize Inn, in Suffolk? You'd LOVE it.
    The owner/chef David makes the best fish pie I've ever eaten, and last year when we went, he showed me his kitchen garden which was amazing. Just perfect, made me green with envy. If you are ever in this neck of the woods, make sure you visit.

  3. p.s love the dedication at the top of your blog. x

  4. Absolutely agree about Nigel's books, Vanessa...they put the inspiration right back immediately. As a cook who also adores gardening, I identify totally with this post!! I find weeding easiest while talking to my sister in Australia on a Tuesday...I don't even notice that I'm doing it!! Happy weekend sweetie xx


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