Monday, 18 November 2013

Easy Panettone Cake Recipe

Is there anything so glorious as a fresh baked real Panattone at Christmas?

Panettone is a notoriously difficult bread to bake but after 6 developmental recipes I finally nailed an easy reliable recipe with the right texture and flavour. I can't say that many recipes get that many developmental bakes.  It wasn't quite a record; that goes to the elderflower and lime macaroons from Prepped, which got 7.  I've never made then since.

The recipe along with all the ingredients you need is over here at Bakery Bits.


  1. We have lots of Italian friends who bring pannatone for Christmas. I like it very much (maybe too much) so good to see a homemade recipe (tried and tested) - might be me giving pannatone this year.

  2. Mmmmmmm - this sounds/looks delicious! We always buy a Panattone at Christmas, usually from Carluccio's - it's become a tradition, but how glorious to attempt one for myself! Thank you for the recipe - I will let you know if I dare and how a fare!
    Paula x

  3. Oh! It's so pretty and I bet it tastes as lovely as it looks.

  4. Thank you for the heads up .... I might give the macaroons a pass! On the other hand the panettone is definitely a must do.

  5. The panettone looks delicious. Whenever you are recruiting for taste testers of the 6 tries, sign me up! :-)
    Happy Holidays, Vanessa.


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