Monday, 19 July 2010

How to treat your booksellers

Over the past week or so it occurred to me that whilst I am developing a recipe and having to make it over and over to get something right I often end up with a stack of yummies left over. Now I am not one to let things go to waste and whilst in Waterstones in Midsummer Place in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago it also crossed my mind that perhaps the very people who will sell my book in May next year might like to try some of the food. I do love book sellers. They are a wonderful resource, and over the coming months I think they may well come to be fond of me too, as I rock up like little Red Riding Hood with baskets full of goodies that have to be eaten!

So far in the past two weeks I have delivered a Chocolate and Lavender Cream cake to Northampton Waterstones and a Double Chocolate Meringue Sandwich cake to the large Midsummer store in Milton Keynes. Tomorrow I need to buy some food and will go shopping as it is set to rain in the afternoon. I have a photo shoot in the morning with Bunny and being as I intend to be in Market Harborough anyway I shall drop in to the book shop and leave some Lavender Shortbread before I head off to food shop. The real question is can I make it out without buying another recipe book?

Today I made a tonne of shortbread. It is Lavender Shortbread. Buttery, firm crunch with a melt in the mouth texture and a dusting of lavender sugar. I also have been taking photo’s with my new camera. I have bought a Nikon D3000 and a really super duper macro lens. It was quite a cost and to funds the lens I had to sell some bits. Firstly I went to a we buy gold shop and sold some old 1990’s gold hooped earrings. I found myself feeling like a dodgy dealer selling my loot!

Nevertheless, that got me £80. Then I said a heartbreaking goodbye to a camera and some lenses I have had for over 12 years and I learnt to take pictures on. My old Cannon AE1 has hopefully gone to another student somewhere. Still I played for an hour this afternoon with my new camera and finally my confidence is returning. I think the pictures look as good as the food, and I’ve forgotten all about my old camera already.

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