Saturday, 3 July 2010

Made of Macaroons

This post is short. Today my sister is getting married and I am the Maid of Honour. How strange it seems that my sister, whom is seems to me, has hardly just learned to ride her bicycle, is getting married. She’s 27 and has been riding for over twenty years.
I often call my eldest daughter Fleur, they are very similar. So similar that I occasionaly get their names mixed up. Sometimes I mistakenly snap Fleur’s name, using that irritated tone you use when exasperated with the antics of a seven year old. She gets very indignant about it.

I have got the cocktail glassed ready. I am hoping to get a few shot’s for the cocktail recipe section at the wedding. The Photographer Louise has agreed that I can use the pictures. I found these gorgeous glasses at a car boot sale in Holcot at the weekend. The man who sold them to me said they were his late mothers. As he wrapped them carefully in bubble wrap he was clearly remembering them being used. His eyes filled with tears. I told him what I had planned for these long blue ornate glasses that had seen happy moments. His eyes still had tears in them, but he was smiling when I left, saying that his mother would have absolutely loved that this was the fate for them. He said he will look out for them in the book.

I have little time left to post now, my hair is to be done at 7.45am and I am still not dressed, and the children still not dressed or packed. However, I must add here that this week I have gained about 4 pounds. I kid you not. The Elderflower and Lime macaroons were impossible to get right. I have cracked them. This time they have not flopped and are not so sweet as to make your teeth hurt. The good thing about getting things wrong is that you can advise against the same mistakes to your reader. I expect that my readers will have no trouble at all getting these macaroons perfect first time. I hope they appreciate the pounds of effort I have put in!
Must dash.
Maid of honour signing out.

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