Thursday, 2 February 2012

Make someones day with a Random act of Kindness

I believe we have a social responsibility.  I believe that when we are privileged that we should use part of our time to do something for someone else.  I believe that foodies are naturally sharing and generous by nature.  Cooks like to feed people. So My Random Soups of Kindness is a way anyone can make a difference.

We all feel for animals, and children and there are so many people in need.  I’m asked constantly to help orphans in far away lands and other people in need  ...  and I do donate as much as I can when it is possible. However right here on our own doorsteps there are vulnerable people.  So I am asking if you have just a moment to take some soup to an elderly resident near you.  Just a few minutes can make someone’s day, and today I made double my usual Pumpkin and dill soup and took a jar over to Shelia and Pat who live across the way.  Both were so pleased to see me and delighted with their soup!


I stayed a while with Shelia and asked her advice to other eighty five year olds.. you can listen to her chatting below in the Audioboo.  She shared stories of the four Drummond sisters who were friends of the queen mothers who used to live in my house and she showed me a photo of her brothers and sisters .. all who are long since departed.

Just half an hour. Thirty minutes with a bowl of hot soup and some laughter and I felt wonderful. Older people have such a great perspective on life .. so please do take part in the Random Soups of Kindness … or even a random bake of kindness if you can’t face making soup then make a cake and have a cup of hot tea -  go on  TAKE PART and make someones day! 



  1. You are such a good soul - more people should be doing this and I am sure you have encouraged them to take up their spoons and get mixing and stirring. Great set of photos too!

  2. What a special thoughtful person you are...
    I often pass on baking and soups etc to people I know, but you've planted the idea that it would be so special to visit someone who might just need a little help :D
    Thank you for sharing with us ~ the smiles in the photo's say it all :)

  3. What a great and thoughtful Idea. I know some neighbours who would love some soup (or maybe even a mild curry) and a chat.

    Thanks for sharing. I agree that we all have a responsibility to be there for others in our communities.

    So then... I'm off to make a mild chicken korma for Bill and Pam across the road. :)

  4. Vanessa you are an inspiration and obviously a sensitive and thoughtful person - I just have to decide what to make and who to give it to. Our nearest elderly neighbour is usually the recipient of some of our apples - she watches them grow from her window.

  5. Such good advice.....I don't do this enough, that's for sure and I will take this as an inspiration to be so much better about it. I love to bake and cook....this is perfect....look at their happy beautiful faces....

    Soup is LOVE


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