Thursday, 9 February 2012

Pippa Middleton Spotted Buying Prepped

Despite being full of a cold I can't help smiling. I had a call from someone whilst I was having my hair done yesterday when I heard that Pippa Middleton buying a copy of Prepped at Rococo Chocolates.  Of course under normal circumstances I would have been highly sceptical  .. really?  Pippa Middleton .. buying my book?   but it is true.. and it was tweeted .. as she really bought it. 

My poor hairdresser had to stop cutting as I stood up and waved my hands about with wet hair asking when, how, oh oh gosh (remember to breath) really?  Yes really. 

I have had so many questions, lots about bottoms .. some not so kind about Pippa's own up and coming book.  So to answer the questions  I am seriously delighted. What a lovely friend to tell me, and thank you to my twitter friends who are equally delighted!

Pippa, I very much hope you enjoy Prepped and I wish you all the very best in writing your own book.  I promise to buy yours too. 


Here is just a snippet of my time line today ! 


  1. genius!... although my 'royal pain in the arse' tweet was poetry! x

  2. Wow!! I'm glad to hear she has good taste in cookery books ;-)


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