Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mothers Deserve More!

I was actualy going to ignore Mothering Sunday. I am up to my ears writing at the moment,  however, something really got my goat  .. and so I must write something !

I’ve read three press releases this week that are busy telling people that all mothers really want is a lie in, a bath, a home made card and a cup of tea.

Absolute tosh!  

I am standing up for mothers who deserve more than this!  

A lie in is a given,  I bath several times a week already! I do love hand made cards .. I really genuinely hate bought cards.  But just a cup of tea and a hot bath and a lie in?   I think not!  I want spoiling! I want to be appreciated! 

On Mothering Sunday what I’d really love is beautiful scented flowers that make me smile, with some handmade artisan pure butter fudge to eat with my cup of tea, and a fabulous aromatic, cotton candle wick, wildflower scented candle to light in my bathroom for a truly romantic bubble bath!

For this is the moment when you can show your mother just how much she means to you.  That you really appreciate all the things she does.  Picking up dirty socks, washing, cleaning, shopping, ironing,  flushing the loo after you ( my children are 5,7 & 9) driving you from A to B and back again. Running the things you have forgotten about to you - wherever you are , despite reminding you not to forget them in the first place! 

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Last week I came across a poem when I was at Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture and as I stood there reading it I had to take a deep breath and willed my eyes not to well up.   So instead I took a photo and shall share it here (with her kind permission.)

I really do believe that a gift is a visual representation of the love that you feel  - so I suppose for me this is not the moment to be anything other then generous with your mother.  This is the time to give her something the show her how you feel about her.  A gift that says soft kisses, gentle hands, perfumed moments of warmth, laughter, trust, love, a beautiful smile, kind words, and unconditional acceptance. Mother. 

  ..... and a home made card!


  1. My brother and I send our mother flowers from the real flower company every year. They are based near us at home and you cannot beat their flowers on smell.

  2. It's true The Real Flower Company put as much store in how the flowers look as how gorgeous they smell!

  3. I read that poem the other day inside Rachel Ashwell's book and confess I did have a little cry! You are right, we do need to be spoiled and actually what we would like to be given is not so much just has to be lovely! Flowers, candle, lie in etc. would suit me just right. Not sure that's what I'm going to get though!

  4. You obviously don't have grown up sons. For them to actually remember Mother's Day is a challenge! Not that I really mind. I'll be cooking as usual as my SIL is coming to visit MIL who lives with us. C'est la vie!

  5. I know the Glam Teens will,remember Mothers Day because Mr Glam will make sure they do. However it won't be more than a card. I'd love the candle that's always pure luxury for me. GG

  6. Nice post. You might like this poem about mothers.


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