Saturday, 3 March 2012

Add Instant Romance with Vintage Candlesticks

I’ve spent this morning with the children baking sourdough and scones .. they have started their own village bakery.  This article by Rose Prince inspired us and the children named the bakery in honour of Rose Prince calling it The Rose Blossom Bakery....  it's only their 2nd week and they made a profit! 

Now that the kitchen is finally flour free,  the sun is going in and my delighted daughter is practicing her violin in the background I just have time have a cup of tea and write about these gorgeous candlesticks I found before friends arrive for supper. 

I’ve been memorized by Rachel Ashwells new book  .. it has captured the feel for our new home exactly. So when I spotted these candlesticks I instantly fell in love , they add instant romance. I know that they don’t match, they are slightly battered and not polished and one of them wobbles slightly but that only adds to their appeal.  They were on sale at Most Marvelous the new retro and antique centre in Northampton and had been reduced to £4 each.  How could I resist?  

So as I have guests for supper this evening I thought we'd skip pudding and just have a beautiful candle lit cheeseboard  .. it will will look amazing, but modern candles just didn't go with this look so I’ve used these gorgeous tapered dinner candles made from 100% beeswax.

 I love that they are hand-dipped by people with learning disabilities mental health problems and other special needs .. they must be so proud to produce such fabulous candles ( they are made at Camp hill)   They are made available to buy courtesy of this wonderful site with all sorts of artisan British gifts called The Hen and Hammock

The only down side is that they are so lovely that I almost don’t want to light them!


  1. What a truly fantastic idea - I've just read Rose Prince's article, it's so inspiring. Don't know how I've missed it.

    Love your new candlesticks.

  2. Makes me want to dig out my old candlestick and give them a good clean.

  3. I think the three candlesticks are perfect. I particularly like the fact that they are all slightly different.
    Imagine what tales they have to tell?

    I think they'll add a beautiful atmosphere to your table. :D

  4. They look perfect and so elegant. I don't know how you do it, but your photos are truly beauftiful xx

  5. I love vintage and spend a fair bit of my time searching out those special finds. A dent here and there is just a memory of the life the piece has had. Hen and Hammock - what a find thank you! I could buy it all and so refreshing that it also supports less advantaged people. Beautiful photographs as always. GG

  6. I found Rose Prince's article fascinating and have now researched making my own sourdough starter. An amazing smell now fills the house as this bowl of amazing gloop is bubbling away in the kitchen. Hoping to use some on Friday for my first batch of bread.


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