Monday, 2 April 2012


Daisy Time

By Marjorie Pickthall ( 1883 - 1922) 
See, the grass is full of stars,
Fallen in their brightness;
Hearts they have of shining gold,
Rays of shining whiteness.

Buttercups have honeyed hearts,
Bees they love the clover,
But I love the daisies' dance
All the meadow over.

Blow, O blow, you happy winds,
Singing summer's praises,
Up the field and down the field
A-dancing with the daisies.

I have for the past few months been burning the candle at both ends. And in the middle.  I work full time ghost writing, photographing and doing project work for various food companies, as well as renovating an old Victorian house and the kitchen Garden. With three young children, a village bakery and a radio show.  Life is full!

I have just finished a commission that has changed the way I will be writing.  It will be going into a beautiful glossy magazine and despite being a little nervous about writing it as the subject is contentious I was really surprised at deeply I felt about protecting our food heritage.

In the meantime my blog posts have piled up behind me.  I have Richard Corrigans restaurant to review, The fabulous Baker Brothers book to talk about, some fabulous chocolate from Rococo to suggest for Easter, some delicious vinegar from Wormley food to write about, Charlottes heavenly Gluten free treats to share and Lucas Hollweg's wonderful new book that I have to tell you . All that before I chat about the house, the garden, the cat we rescued and what I've been planting in the garden and cooking.  In fact I have so many posts to write up I have written them down in a list.  There are 18, and I am almost paralysed wondering where to start!

So instead of writing anything at all I am going to sit in the garden with a cup of tea and make daisy chains with my five year old daughter.

It's about priorities.


  1. I love making daisy chains and still make them now Vanessa! You have fun, chill out and make the longest daisy chain ever!
    Hugs, Karen

  2. I think you have made the right decision, totally!! Monday in the sun with your little one...perfect. But then get back to writing those posts, as we all want to read them!! thanks again for yesterday, such fun! See you soon xx Rach

  3. Definitely make the most of the sunshine and time with your little girl - the posts (like housework) will always be there waiting to be done, but the sun will not always shine and your little girl will not always be so little. Enjoy the Easter break with your children - even though I'm itching to read all your posts!

  4. Oh wow!!! Well a cuppa was definitely in order after coming up with a list like that! I'm sure as always you will get through your to do list But for now enjoy the daisies, the list will still be there when you get back xx

  5. My son deploys to Afganistan on Wednesday, we only heard today and we are in France so I can't hug him goodbye. Make daisy chains everyday, I value every moment I spend with my children they are most definately the only really important thing in my life. Jude x

  6. You'll feel so much better for it too! Enjoy xxx

  7. I have to agree with Jude on this. Children are so much more important than blogging and work even though I love to do both I also like to spend time with my 3 while they still want me to be around. In a few years time when they need me less I will probably try and up my blogging game. For now....just take a breather! You deserve it xx

  8. Yes that's just what I would have done too. Daisy chains and children are so much more important. Posts can come later.

  9. Such lovely comments.

    thank you .

  10. You're so right - it's about priorities. I so agree with all of those who commented above me - sometimes the world seems so chock full of stuff needing to be done, that you have to just sit down and see where that gets you.

    I should have commented on this when I first read it and after seeing your note on Twitter today about whether or not blogging was worth it, I was drawn back! Despite it being another thing on the to-do list, you have some incredibly well-thought things to say about Britain, food, and the way we live - but the predominant theme that keeps me coming back, as in this post, is mixing the rest of life up with the right amount family & others (like getting to know your neighbors through the bakery!). If I were you, I wouldn't think twice about taking a break from blogging if you are getting serious online burnout with all of the things on your plate - but the rest of us will miss your writing! Keep on letting yourself take the time to make daisy chains :)


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