Monday, 23 April 2012

Tulips from the Garden

Tulips from Thompson and Morgan and my ever essential Hoe from Burgon and Ball 

In October I planted some beautiful tulips, tucked away on the edge of my vegetable garden from Thompson and Morgan just to be used as cutting flowers.  They look so pretty..  of course I wouldn’t normally be so indulgent  .. but  I felt that I could afford to enjoy two vases seeings as I grew them myself  .. so .. I’ve popped a vase in the laundry and in the kitchen and they are just gorgeous!

As the sun shines down and the garden warms up I find myself abandoning the kitchen in favour of the garden and I've spent all of yesterday afternoon hoeing   to keep on top of the weeds and dashing in every so often as a loaded sky threw down an April shower.  Of course I think that the showers were designed as tea breaks  .. and a moment to help myself to a slice of cake!

Thinking about it  .. I suppose it is when I am busy in the garden that I most want  easy simple food so out comes my recipe book Prepped   .. easy food delicious for when you have other things to do than cook  .. that way I can get out and plant all the seeds I have waiting patiently to go in the ground. 

  Although really it comes back to the kitchen in the end as I garden around what I want to eat... I’m essentially a cook who gardens .. so it comes full circle !


  1. Beautiful colours, just has to encourage you to plant more. Lovely!

  2. The tulips look beautiful, you must be delighted that you grew them yourself. And your garden tools look perfect.

  3. It is lovely being able to grow your own flowers for cutting.
    In reply to your comment on my blog, I am not on Twitter. I am going to write a post about the former flower industry in our village, so I will include a link to your blog post about buying British.

  4. A cook who gardens - that's exactly it....describes me too :) (albeit gardening in the desert in pots).

  5. Gorgeous flowers Vanessa. I bought a bunch of local tulips the other day and felt quite proud to add two of my own to the bunch. I love the picture this post conjures up of village domesticity.

  6. I'm a gardener who cooks = perfect match. Just bought PREPPED - from Amazon sorry (had vouchers from bank; we're all on a budget!)Must introduce Twitter & you to daughters who both recently had babies. Everyone should have a little respite from a busy day. Perhaps your next book should be called PRESSED.


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