Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hand crafted truffles made by prisoners in Milan

Yesterday I was at Chocolate Unwrapped in Covent Garden, having been one of the judges in the international World Chocolate awards earlier in the week .. more about that later in the week.

Now I'm not one to post on a Sunday, but unless I photograph these beautiful Tartufo al Barolo Chinato truffles by Dolci Liberata right now I am afraid in all honesty there will be none left. They are outstanding and won a gold award after winning the best in the Italian section.  They are made by the short term prisoners in Milan to give then the skills to use for a chance at a better and more honest future when they leave the prison.

Find out more by listening to the audio below. 

Hand crafted truffles made by prisoners in Milan 

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  1. Oh wow - what a wonderful idea, something practical to join the world with. Wonder if the prisoners come out twice the size - how could you resist these little beauties.


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