Friday, 12 October 2012

Ragdale Hall

This morning I found myself yelling at my children.  Really.  You see last week I spent two days getting the house completely clean, perfectly tidy and all the washing and ironing done.  I waltzed off to Ragdale Hall and had a 24-hour reviver break.  What bliss.  The quiet Leicestershire countryside, the fabulous food, divine treatments and time to catch up with my sister.  I felt like me again. However that was last week. This morning if you have been in my house you would think that a bunch of tramps had a party in my house after it had been burgled.

My children are adoring, beautiful clever, cheeky but totally and completely absorbed in their own world.  Too absorbed to give any thought to picking up their socks of the floor or flushing to loo or wiping off the tooth paste off the sink, and although I’m the first to admit that I am slightly bohemian,  I am never the less still house proud.

I told my children that I was going to resign if they didn’t stop untidying, and wreaking the house. Libiana was in tears, William looked devastated and Isobel didn’t get what resigning meant .. but looked sad anyway because it was the appropriate thing to do.

The quiet Leicestershire countryside, the fabulous food, divine treatments

Now I’ve spent the whole day not only feeling guilty for yelling, but fantasizing about Ragdale Hall whilst picking up the socks, shoes, loo rolls and countless other things my kids just drop where they stand.  I remember .. the saunas, the massage and the time to try out new cosmetics without feeling that I must buy. A good nights sleep, a breakfast brought to you in bed, the quiet, the peace, the smiles of the staff, who clearly enjoy their job.  More socks.  Manicures, pedicures, pampering, and in all honesty it is the cleanest spa I have ever been to.  Perhaps that is why I keep going back,  It’s so clean  .. I’d like to say it’s like home from home... 

It’s almost time to pick the children up from school.  The house is tidy again for a short time, but before I go there is just time to book my next visit to Ragdale.  It will keep me dreaming whilst I tidy.

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