Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hot Chef & Hot Chocolate with Lotte Duncan

Literally as I am witting I am making Blackcurrent Jam and there is a batch of scones I the oven. The sun is shining hazy winter like rays and I can hear my son and his friend George shouting instructions to three bemused girls in the garden about the tag rugby rules. I don’t have long to write.

This week has been like a freight train as I have been charmed by a tall dark Irish chef into running the raffle and organizing the Auction for @kaiwecare. (at least I imagine him to be tall dark and handsome.. he certainly sounds as though he is .. I have yet to meet him .. but we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out more! ) The pace at which this charity event to raise money for the New Zealand earthquake effort is unbelievable. In less that a week the finest chefs in the country have gathered together to cook a 7 course Gourmet meal on 4th April. As I said I don’t have long to write this .. so click here to read more.. but any offers for auctionable gifts are very, very gratefully received and I shall blog more about this later in the week.



Today’s radio show was fun. Lotte Duncan who is the Author of Lotte’s country Kitchen came in. Click here to listen to the show. We decide to go for a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of her fabulous banana Loaf from the book, and we got side tracked shopping on the way! Lotte is such a lovely lady. Like her book she’s full of honest full on flavor and humor and I can’t wait to meet her again. The book has got some superb recipes in it.. so I shall leave you with some photo’s and two recordings. The first is Polly, a friend who kindly gave me a fabulous review of Lotte’s Book. The second recording is a really useful chat about how a blog can lead to a book deal.

I’m off to pot up this jam, and take the scones out of the oven.




  1. I think Lotte's new venture is very near me, I must go & check it out! She looks like a lovely lady & the book is great! Happy Sunday Vanessa x Rachel

  2. Hi there. I'm over from BMB. Well done you on living your dream! I too ventured out into the unknown and opened a shop right in the middle of a recession. Some people might say I'm mad but I wouldn't have it any other way. Good luck with everything and look forward to trying out some recipes!

  3. Ah, I really enjoyed meeting Lotte on Nick's show, she is so,so lovely. I'm sure you and her have lots in common and would have been able to talk for hours. I love her cookbook and have also just reviewed it, the post is going up right after pancakes!


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