Thursday, 3 March 2011

Meeting up for Lunch with Helen from Fussfreeflavours


With almost everything done for Prepped I have to now start showing he concept more clearly on this Blog. I haven't show it as clearly as I should as I was perhaps afraid the concept would be used by someone else. But we are close to publication now... so I feel much more free to show it off!.

In the coming few weeks I shall be posting linked and double cook recipes for people to try. I will also be putting together my thank you list for a page in the book. It’s long. Really long and there have been so many people who have been generous and kind along the way. It is my project for next week, that, and adding about 20 more people to the Testers who Blog page.

One of those kindest of those who have been so generous has been Helen from Fussfreeflavour, who tested some of my recipes. So today we met for the first time. I was delighted to meet her and suggested we have lunch at Le Brassiere Blanc in Milton Keynes. (I love this high street chain and bumped into Raymond Blanc last time reviewed the Oxford one here) From the moment we met we chatted neither of us pausing for breath! helen in just lovely. She's warm and fun, open and sharing, full of idea's and inspiration and someone who I'd love to see lots more of. I’m sure that we covered every aspect of the food world we live and breath, whilst tucking in to a super lunch. Inevitably afterwards we had to go shopping and Helens remarkable frankness saved me from purchasing a jacket that literally doubled the size of my ass! I can’t wait to meet up again.. and she may have be my personal shopping buddy forever more!

In the mean time I shall have to catch up by reading her superb Blog. .. and I shall leave you with some shots of our lunch! .. very reasonably priced and beautifully cooked.

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  1. Lovely post, I sometimes meet my mum in Milton Keynes as it's halfway between us and I didn't know a Brasserie Blanc had opened there, I must got and check out. You'll have to join us when we do!


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