Friday, 22 April 2011

Cakepops with some famous ladies!


Make the best use of your time - if you are going to make cake, make a spare. They freeze. It makes sense, especially when you can make cake pops with the 2nd cake, and they are really fast to make. If you are wondering what cakepops are they are a cross between a lollypop and a cake. Vanilla sticks makes some fabulous ones you can buy!

Well this is exactly what we decided to do after testing out the Kenwood Vs Kitchen aid live radio the Kitchen Garden show a couple of weeks ago. The extra cakes we made were turned into cakepops. I was joined by the lovely Helen of FussFreeFlavour, superbly talented Sarah of Maison Cupcake and award winning Julie Elliot of Angelina cupcake. What a fabulous combination! - it was always going to be delicious ! To find out what flavours they were listen to us developing the cake pop recipe here.

( Interestingly as I was browsing from one link to another today I came across this post by Working London Mummy. She takes part in Masoncupcake's Forever Nigella monthly and has also written a super cakepops post worth reading here. )

Note - Many of the sprinkles was Julie's own, but I also used the Watirose essentials range for making the cakes and several of the sprinkles.

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  1. they're adorable but i'm till not convinced this isn't a huge waste of cake baking...

  2. Gosh! You've been busy. They look great, I'm going to have a go once I get back home. ( I had just stocked up in Waitrose before I left! I knew there would be a good reason!) Happy Easter Judith x

  3. They look brilliant! I like that they are not too big, so the kids can have some cake for a treat, but its not too much. Can't wait to try them out.
    Emma x

  4. Vanessa these look divine. I love them all but the lilac flower one is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks also for the mention ! Look forward to tweeting and commenting with you more. Your site is great and look forward to book. X

  5. Those are gorgeous!

    I am very tempted to send these to school for my son's birthday rather than cupcakes!

  6. These are beautiful! And they look delicious! You have an obvious talent I'd say.

  7. They did look very cool! I probably like mine most without so many sprinkles on though!!

  8. wow, they are gorgeous and look so much more impressive than cupcakes. Also love the violet flower one. x


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