Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Feeling Better


Today has been perfect. There is nothing left to do from my end for Prepped . The Acknowledgements are written up and so I’ve spent a day kicking about with the children in the sunshine. The virus I had last week has gone. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Ulcers are pure evil, and I had about 40 of them.Feeling well again feels terrific, and I’d like to thank everyone who wished me well, as well as my lovely parents for taking the children to school and my best friend Cathinka for bringing them home and feeding them and getting them into their pajamas’ whilst I lay in the sofa in pure agony.

So to reassure you I am recovered I thought I’d share this photo below of cooking cupcakes by committee. I let the children make and decorate their own cupcakes as a reward for cleaning my car!

Spring is here, my car is clean and Prepped is well on its way to the printers!

Dsc_0052 Dsc_0041_2


  1. Beautiful children, beautiful cakes and a clean car! What more could you wish for.? Oh, yes - your book at the printers! Well done, enjoy the rest of the holidays. Jude

  2. Glad you're feeling better! Cupcakes (and car) look great :-)

  3. Great to hear you're feeling better, those eggs look marvellous on the cupcakes!

  4. So glad to see you are feeling better, looks like a fab day

  5. Glad to see you are feeling better...treat yourself to something nice at a spa...have a 'me' day, it works wonders!


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