Friday, 8 April 2011

Not quite the first ever Pop Up Restaurant in Northamptonshire


When I write the initial post for this meal .. I asked everyone if there had ever been a pop up in Northampton so as far as I knew there had never been a pop up restaurant in Northamptonshire. However I was wrong .. and I stand happily corrected by James Ramsden. Whilst he was having lunch with William Sitwell editor of Waitrose Magazine yesterday it was pointed out that this is not the first ever. My apologies !

When I got chatting to Philip Dundas about pop ups on BBC radio Northampton and he offered to come an cook for one I jumped at the chance. Coincidently the weekend Philip was free happened to be the same weekend that James Ramsden is booked as my guest on the Kitchen Garden show, so being the weaver that I am, I asked James if he would consider making the puddings for us and talking about his forthcoming book after the radio show. To my delight he agreed and so I shall be interviewing James and hopefully he will stay and talk about his work with the guests.

So the venue (which is to be kept secret until the day before ) has been booked for Sunday May 8th. It is a NN6 postcode and I will say just that it is a very pretty village venue.

This Five course Menu plan is as follows:

  • Fresh water crayfish From Pitsford Fishery ( You can see Philip checking this out in the photo above)
  • Pigeon from the fields with in a mile of the venue
  • Trout from Pitsford reservoir & spring vegetables
  • Puddings a la Ramsden
  • Local cheeses supplied by St Giles Cheese.
  • … and of course wine from Fleurfields Vineyard.

My lovely sister Fleur has offered to waitress, and there are plans to have talks and entertainment between the 5 courses.

We would ask of a donation of £30 a head and expect to be seated by 2pm.

There will be a raffle and or an Auction depending on the prizes that I round up, the proceeds of which are to be donated to a local charity the Northampton Bach choir.

Places are rather limited so I really do advise you book early to avoid disappointment!

Please let me know if you’d like to come via email

or phone me to book a place on the pop up hotline 07794 067507




  1. Gosh! I wish I lived near Northamptonshire, it sounds very exciting, good luck with the venture and please let us, who can't make it, know how it goes. Jude x

  2. oh damn you, I want to come... how far from Lincs to Northamps?... not too far?... I went on the most wonderful food writing course yesterday with Ottolenghi and has a brilliant time, learnt so much too.... Good luck with the supperclub x


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