Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Orange and Clove Sugar

Thank goodness I wrote a recipe book to drop back into when time is short.  I have had such a manic couple of weeks and with the freezer breaking down and defrosting, totally full of all the things I have been making and stashing for Christmas and my mother in law asking for help with some baking for a charity event on Saturday I am snowed under! 
It doesn't take much to get frustrated with myself if I am honest. and I had hoped to be blogging the full Lets Make Christmas post today .. but I am nowhere near finished adding the fabulous recipes in and there are lots .. it has really taken off... so bear with me because it is going to be fabulous, and the gift swap at Fortnum & Masons is now just two days away .. I am sooo excited about it !
I the mean time this is one of my most simple christmas gift idea's is from the Orange and clove chapter of Prepped.  It's not expense, and yet this sugar delivers a wallop of Christmas in a jar.  The deep cloves are lifted by the sweet orange in an intense combination.  You can add this to almost any recipe to infuse festivity, custard, ice-cream a hot chocolate or any cakes recipe including chocolate cake or simply open the jar and smell every now and again - for the aroma is just heavenly !

Makes a large jar of 1200g.
Prep time 10 minutes
Cooking time 1 - 2 hours

6 oranges
1200g caster sugar
18 cloves

1 Preheat the oven to 140 Gas ½ or lower if you can 

2 Peal the oranges using a vegetable peeler and ensuring there is very little pith attached to the zest.

3 Place the peel on a tray and gently dry in the oven for about one to two hours. 

4 Once the peel is dry place half the cloves and half the orange zest in a blender with 600g of sugar.  Give it a good blast until they are well blended.  Mix the rest of the sugar, cloves and orange and transfer to an airtight jar. I say use with in 3 months -  but generally it’s gone in a week!


  1. Well my lovely, I can smell that Christmas sugar in my kitchen already. You are going to have the most fabulous time in the big smoke on Friday. Wish I was with you, but will have to wait for your fabulous blog instead. lots of love xx

  2. What a great idea! I can almost smell it from here!

  3. Your delicious sugars are now a mainstay of my cooking, yum!

  4. Oh such lovely comments ! Thank you so much .. it makes my day to read them !

  5. This may go under our tree as well. Sounds like a great gift.

  6. I must make a jar of this. Have fun at Fortnums - I wish I could be there. Looking forward to the Let's Make Christmas round up when your feet touch the ground.

  7. Something that even your neighbouring village cookery idiot (me) can't go wrong with! Just need to track down some nice labels now! Best of luck tomorrow.

  8. Ps please ignore me next time I ask for crab apple jelly, I must have gone through ten loaves and just as much butter this week sampling the jelly...

  9. Dear Anonymous - I just realised who you are .. :-) Yes .. I am sorry the Crab apple jelly is utterly addictive !!!



  10. LOVELY Vanessa! I adore spiced sugars and often make a jar or two.....yours looks fabulous!

  11. Yet another great sugar to have on the shelf.

  12. Lovely idea, have oranges and cloves might just make some of this at the weekend.

  13. I love your ideas for flavoured sugars, so perfect and who wouldn't love to get a jar of this for Christmas?!
    Thank you for being the perfect hostess today at "Let's Make Christmas" x


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