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The ultimate guide to making your own edible Christmas Gifts

Part of the inspiration to Lets Make Christmas which led to the Fortnum and Mason food Bloggers Gift Swap was Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet.  It was his baking bible that got me thinking that there must be another way.  I have a copy to give away to my favourite recipe and I'd like to say it has to be the
is delicious  Christmas Pudding Macarons with Italian Meringue Brandy Buttercream so I'll get your copy of Dan's book over ASAP!

Gail from One Million Gold Stars who captured exactly what I was trying to get across when I asked for other foodies to take part in Lets Make Christmas so I am going to share what she wrote at the bottom of her post she wrote:

Suffice to say that if you see me proferring a jar or bottle of something your way this December, it’s because I think you’re someone with a discerning palate, and someone about whom I cared enough to make something for, from scratch.”

I couldn't have said it better myself and looking at over 100 entries so far it seems that making our own edible food gifts has really captured the festive mood.  I feel my Kenwood is invaluable at this time of year more then ever so I'm absolutley tickled pink to be able to offer the winner of the best recipes this beautiful K- Mixer courtesy of Kenwood.  They will be having a really good look the recipes next week and I'll be able to announce their favourite recipe here on the 18th December! - So if you haven't posted yet there is still time to get you recipe over to me! ( by the 11th  December please email me and make sure you have the Logo added for #LetsMakeChristmas)

I just have one other thing to add as I was given some invaluable advice when I spoke to Max Clark who is the buyer at Leiths School of Food and Wine about making your own gifts.   I asked what she would tell people she said to stick to things you know you are good at, look for ingredients you already have in your cupboard and try to make it simple and classic. So here is a bit of her great advise for you to listen to  and I really hope you'll have a go at making your own gifts this year!  Oh ...  and one last lovely addition is that Kavey Eats has written a really great round up of all her gift idea's click here for even more great  gifts !

Leiths School of food and Wine Advise on Making Christmas Gifts (mp3)

So here are the recipes   ..

Jams Pickles and Preserves 
Apple Preserves 
Mulled Wine Sachets – Utterly genius!
Mustard .. Delicious home made creations

Drinkable gifts

Sweet gifts
Christmas Pudding Cake Pops  (One I’ll definitely be making!)

Baked gifts
Christmas cakes (mini snowflake ones!)


  1. Vanessa - this is fantastic. I loved your video and felt it incorporated the spirit of Christmas beautifully. And as for the round-up of all these amazing things to make, I shall never be short of a gift idea again. Thank you.

  2. The round up is so impressive, the talents people have to be creative and thoughtful are pretty amazing. I loved this whole concept. x

  3. my cinnamon balls are missing!!!... and you KNOW how AMAZING that blue Kenwood would look in my new kitchen!!!!

  4. Sorry I was working on this unit 3am this morning .. I'll pop your balls in Dom !


  5. Vanessa - I love your video! It's such a brilliant idea. Thank you also for the invite and I'm so sorry I couldn't make it. This is an amazing round up which I have bookmarked and will be referring back to again and again.

  6. This is an amazing write up of all the recipes and will be such a great resource. Thank you so much for picking me to win Dan Lepard's fantastic book, I'm really looking forward to baking with it and so pleased you liked my macarons.

  7. That really is the ultimate list for foodie gifts this year! Well done everyone!

  8. I LOVE this post! So many things I really want to try, and the Christmas pudding macarons are fantastic! I have a couple of recipes for gifts that I'll be posting in the next couple of days so will send you a tweet :)

  9. I'll get mine posted and over to you soon! Well done on on epic round up!

  10. The video was great - the list is so long and with such variety, who would have thought Christmas could inspire so many different food gifts. You deserve a big pat on the back and a rest after producing this post. Thank you for the opportunity and the inspiration.

  11. Hi - neither of my two recipes were featured. Shall I resend?

  12. I have no idea how my posh pickled onions are on your list but not my Turkish Delight or Fruit & Nut Bars! I shall aim to send youbover the recipes very soon.......
    Thank you so much for this spectacular round up, I now feel like making ALL of the gifts.
    What a wonderful source of inspiration xx

  13. Hi Vanessa, Lovely round up and I'm inspired to make all my presents this year. My candied peel seems not to have made it onto the list. Shall I resend? Cheers

  14. LOVE the video and the round up of wonderful baked treats! It encapsulates Christmas perfectly!

  15. Hi Vanessa, if I want to add a recipe how do I get it to you? Lynne

  16. I have been totally inspired to make christmas and have started putting together hampers. I am new to blogging and a technophobe at the best of times how do I put the logo on my blog.

  17. Brilliant round up! What an impressive array of gifts! It was a fabulous afternoon, thank you for organising it!

  18. Hello vanessa,

    I am out of the country until Wednesday, but I just saw your comment. I would love to join let's make Christmas. Please tell me, what do I need to do?

    Have a great day.

  19. thanks so much for a wonderful post I will be coming back to this list shortly to get some inspiration x

  20. I have been waiting for this post because I knew it would be full of good ideas and good will - and of course it is - thanks for a great event

  21. Ha ha - just noticed my candied peel is under 'drinkable gifts'. Got me thinking of candied peel infused vodka...not a bad idea eh? Hope your festive season is going brilliantly Vanessa and thanks for adding me in.

  22. What a fab post with some amazing recipes in there.

    My apple preserves are missing though :-( (I have resent the e-mail to you)

  23. Great blog given me some ideas. Have done home made hampers for most of my gifts this year. Homemade creme de cacao, spiced apple butter, plum chutney, peppermint candy cane hot chocolate blocks, spiced shortbread, cranberry and macadamia biscotti, chilli penguins and gingerbread truffles.


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