Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What to do with your left over Pumpkins today!

I’m not nervous. I’m not nervous.. really I’m not. I kept telling myself this all day yesterday as I knew David and Louise were coming form Northants TV to make a show about using up left over pumpkins.

Of course I was nervous.. in an excited way, but David and Louise were so lovely and it was such fun I soon forgot the camera was there. Of course this is just the first ever show.. but I’ve learnt so much. I have a whole new respect for the cooking programs I’ve seen on the television .. and watching this I have realised that I must use more hair spray and get my hair out of my eyes, and take my rings off and smile more. I think when I am up beat it looks better on camera.. but overall I’m tickled pink to have the opportunity to make programs like this!

Of course I really loved having the opportunity to say about using the products that I have in my kitchen. My Kenwood K- mix made light work of the pastry and the Cuisinart soup maker is amazing.

The spices sent by Steenberg’s, were so fresh and fragrant which of course makes al the difference to the taste. It ‘s funny that I got flour my apron by Cooking Gorgeous, I felt a bit messy.. but then that is after all why you wear an apron.

So I hope you like watching this, and it inspires you to make something with your left over pumpkins!



  1. Well done! And perfect timing for Love Food Hate Waste. Your children are gorgeous - glad to see they're excited about cooking too!

  2. Well done Vanessa! You look such a natural. xx

  3. And your apron is MEANT to get flour on it!

  4. Oh well done you, you were really good and I bet it wasn't nearly as easy as you made it all looked. Lovely kids you have too. Strangley, I've been watching this whilst eating a bowl of pumpkin soup - synchronicity!

    I was intrigued by the pumpkin seeds. Were you eating them with the shells on? We roast ours sometimes, but as the shells are a real faff to take off, we don't do it very often.

    And does this mean you have a 2nd book in the offing?

  5. Fabulous, perfect, loved it x

  6. Wonderful show and lovely that the children were involved too. Looks like you all had a happy halloween. I had already cooked my pumpkin seeds earlier today and we had roasted pumpkin couscous yesterday from some of the flesh taken out whilst carving. I am looking forward to pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie, but decided to let my pumpkin live for an extra day!

  7. Your children are just too cute. Well done on the filming - it's not easy. I've been in front of the camera myself and just cringed and cringed. Nothing cringey about your reel - very natural.

  8. Oh it's so lovely to have nice comments ! I've been hyper critical of myself!

  9. It must have been a really daunting experience - but you were as good as any of the tv chefs/cooks.


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