Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Foodie Bugle

If you haven’t discovered the Foodie Bugle yet leave this page immediately and click here now to be transported to the most wonderful foodie magazine ever.  It’s a dream of a site, which supports local, regional and British food at it’s very best.  The photography is out of this world and it gives up and coming food writers and photographers a platform to showcase their work.  It is also free.  There is raw honesty and principles behind this site like no other I know. No advertising.  No fees. No payments.  It is put together and written from just a few ingredients.  Passion, commitment and dedication to the love of food and drink and the lady behind this is an amazing lady Silvana de Soissons. 

The style, panache and perfection of her work and generosity is clear to see from the moment you see her beautiful site.  I know as she is reading this she will blush and proclaim that it is the work of the writers and the artisans written about that merits the attention, but I am going to tell you right here and now that you will not meet a finer person, with as big a heart as Silvana.  She is lovely.  She supports all that is right in food and drink, propelling people along with her knowledge and openness  .. so listen to my interview below with Silvana and chop chop over to The Foodie Bugle. It is quite simply wonderful. 


  1. Lovely post, Vanessa. You are right, the Foodie Bugle is fantastic, as is Silvana for being such a champion of the great things that are happening in food in Britain right now. I adore reading the Foodie Bugle. Every article in there is just excellent.


  2. Vanessa, I was so impressed with your enthusiastic post I had to dash to the Foodie Bugle site straight away and I must say was not disappointed. What a truely lovely site full of all things (dare I say) foodie. The photography is gorgeous. It is going to take me a pleasant hour or so working my way through the articles. Thank you, definitely one to add to my list.

  3. I just love Silvana and the Foodie Bugle with its wonderful articles and beautiful pictures. Well done to Silvana for creating such a beautiful, interesting magazine! Thank you Vanessa for sharing this lovely interview!

  4. What a great post and super interview Vanessa. I am going to bookmark the Foodie Bugle, as a must go to, foodie resource. Thank You Jude x

  5. Thank you for introducing us to Foodie Bugle. What a lovely, lovely web and resources.


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