Monday, 2 January 2012

David Austin Christmas Roses

I want to share one of the highlights of this Christmas ..   these beautiful roses from David Austin Roses.  They lasted all through Christmas and look utterly beautiful.  I like to move my roses every couple of days in the house, that way I notice them more, but what you can't tell from a photo is the fabulous smell.  They are quite simply the most beautiful roses you can get


  1. They do look gorgeous! I love scented roses.

  2. They are stunning. I never thought of moving my flowers around - you are right that you fail to notice things that stay in the same place *shifts birthday flowers to kitchen*

  3. Happy New Year Vanessa - look forward to all the lovely things that 2012 and your blog will bring.

  4. If only the screen was 'scratch n sniff' ;)
    Stunning photo's!

    I adore roses ~ well in fact all flowers really and always have them throughout the house. They just make me smile.

    Happy New Year to you and I look forward to visiting again. ;D

  5. Happy new year - looking forward to some great things for 2012! i love the new blog look.


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