Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A day at the Beach in Scotland

Blue skies, across the corn the glimmer of the sea.
A day at the beach at North Berwick.

Cold hands clutching a warm fish finger sandwich 
Charging across the sand shrieks of joy in the summer breeze.  Shoes thrown off, clothing abandoned, never mind the breeze. Bare bottoms, rock pools, sail boats and oh such fun to bury your sister.

Pug dogs, lobster pots and grey skies.

Treasure. Shiny stones, tiny shells oh such treasure.  An airplane loops over above in the blue.  Squeals.  Both shock and delight as cold water hits running feet.  Dancing, jumping skipping in the waves.

A pug dog puppy, with sand on his nose. Can we keep him .. oh please.  Shivering children, patchwork blankets, seagulls shriek.  Hot fish finger sandwiches with ketchup and lemonade. Chattering smiles.

A trip out to Bass Rock to finish the day


  1. Delightful. So evocative of childhood summers. Bliss!!

  2. I love that despite being a cooking Goddess that you're having fish fingers on the beach. Love you for that Jx

    (beautiful pics too)

  3. A fish finger sandwich is an under-rated joy. Still love this kind of day out - who needs sunshine? PS I think the crop is barley ....maybe for whisky?!

  4. Ooh I remember those nippy days of English (sorry Scottish) summer when a bag of hot chips with lots of vinegar would be welcomed as if it were a feast. A barbie on the beach - great stuff!

  5. What gorgeous photos! A beautiful day indeed.

    1. I was just thinking about you as I picked flowers from the garden x


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