Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The washing can wait

Bees buzzing, children squabbling and the garden is heavy with the scent of sweetpeas and roses. There is so much to do.  The washing needs doing, the sitting room needs dusting and I have a pile of paperwork to do.

But the washing can wait and the dust will be back in a week. Instead I have made a cup of tea, wandered into the garden and picked a posy of flowers. 

Garden flowers are from the Sarah Raven collection and the roses are from David Austin


  1. Perfect and who could resist mooching in the garden with a cuppa!

  2. Heavenly, your flowers are superb.
    I loved yesterday's post as well, such wonderful photographs. Happy Days:-)

  3. Beautiful posy - housework will always be there waiting, whilst a wander through the garden with a cup of tea can never wait nor be hurried.

  4. What could be better Vanessa.
    A wise old lady once said to me when I was in my cleaning freak era, would I want "I wish I'd dusted today on my headstone!"

    It's something to think about...but I think you've already got you're priorities right.
    Stunning posy...which makes me smile ~ enjoy the day :D

  5. A gorgeous bunch - those seeds have done well!

  6. Summer is so sporadic you have to cherish the opportunity and moments in the garden. Lovely flowers, there's something very special in having your own cut flowers in the house. Especially when they're roses. GG


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