Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vanessa Kimbell Photographer

I've been looking at a magazine article full of my photography today.  It looks amazing ( .. even if I do say so myself) however for quite some time now I have been wondering what I am. I’ve never been one for a label and even in a former corporate life I resented the title of Director. 

However I have caught myself wondering recently am I a writer, a broadcaster (I work freelance for the BBC) a recipe developer, or a photographer?  I love all aspects of working with people and food. 

Now I have had the chance to have a good look a where my income has come from for the past year it quite surprised me to see that the largest source of my income, (because I am paid regularly for all the things listed above,) comes from my photography. I was then just as surprised when a friend who knows me well said that she had no idea that I'm a professional photographer.  I suppose that I am  .. I mean I'm paid for it I trained in photography.. but it rather took me by surprise that I might fit the title of photographer and I realised that I have been guilty of several things.  As a woman you are not supposed to say that you are good at something.  It's considered arrogant and unbecoming, and so despite being the mainstay of my income I down play it. As an English woman it's even worse.  English people wait for other people to pay them a compliment and then akwardly deny that whatever it is is all that whilst inwardly beaming in delight.  I was afraid to be given a label for fear of missing out on the other work I love so much. 

I’ve been a passionate photographer for about sixteen years and was sent on a long photography course when I was in my late twenties.  I have an eye I am told.  It’s a natural thing and I get a thrill from beautiful images.

I’ve been asked by several shoot location agencies to add my home to their portfolio and a couple of very well known magazines have also asked to feature the house too.  It is beautiful, although there is still so much that needs doing I feel that I am pretty close to adding the house on with an agency and that I am ready to formally say that I have decided what I enjoy and what I am good at along with the location, experience and equipment.

I’ve a stash of props, a fabulous naturally lit garden room that doubles as my studio, a beautiful house not very far from London and a kitchen perfect to prepare the food in.

So if you are going to write a recipe book, launch a new food product line, or if you are a baker, food producer, publisher, restaurateur, delicatessen, market stall holder, farmer, artisan food producer or indeed just need some food or lifestyle photographs I’m now officially available. 

If you read my blog or know me from twitter you’ll know I have a relaxed approach and the combination of experience food styling, props, and location make me a very reasonably priced option too.  I love working alongside food writers as they cook in my kitchen and seeing new ventures get off the ground really gives me a thrill. 

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  1. Hi Vanessa, I have a feeling that this blog post was not intended as an inspiring one but it really has inspired me!
    I love that you are doing all the things that you love and you have just, by chance, realised that you are actually already doing so well in something that you are so passionate about.
    I am not currently working as I am at home with the kids but trying to keep many fingers in lots of different pies, worrying that I don't know what to do when the time comes for me to return to work.
    It is nice to know that doing something you love really can become a livelyhood and I will relax about my future and continue to do the things I love.
    Thank you.

  2. You definitely have an eye and artistic talent. You take some beautiful photos. I wish you much luck.

  3. Gosh - I wish that I knew what I was good at! It goes without saying that your photography is absolutely gorgeous, and that your home is stunning - I've gushed that many times before and visit here frequently for the visual eye candy - lol! It must be wonderful to have your fingers in so many pies - AND to be certifiably good at all of them (i.e. paid!). I'm about to put my house on a location agencies books as well, although, similar to you, I don't actually feel that it is finished or is a true reflection of my style quite yet - but perhaps there never is that moment of conclusion when it comes to styling the home!
    Good for you for having the confidence to put yourself out there - you've inspired me to endeavour to focus on exploring what I may well have a talent for!
    Paula x
    p.s. If you ever host an interiors / lifestyle photography course, I'd be up for it!

  4. A beautiful post with delightful pictures and a wonderful photographer right on my door step. Perfect, x

  5. Gorgeous pictures Vanessa. you are an inspiration - so motivated! good luck with this venture. Am sure it will be a big success x

  6. Inspirational as always. Your photographs are always beautiful. As someone struggling to decide which direction to take (interiors, food or flowers - having done courses in all three) it is heartening to know that someone who is successful also has many interests. One day soon I will make my choice(s).

  7. Your photos are always lovely and you do have a good eye. But it's more than that its an ability to style too. That stack of books is casually co-ordinated, not in an obvious way. But that's what also make a pic. I wish you luck with your venture and with using your home for shoots. Having been on many shoots in peoples homes I know it's flexibility that's needed on both sides. GG

  8. Have you ever thought about writing a book about everything you do and how you've achieved it? Like bellaandwill above I found this post delightfully inspiring and would love to know how you did it all.

  9. You certainly are a fine photographer. Loving the new lens and have convinced Ed to buy one for our camera :-)) See you at the Fair Trade Vanilla swap. Thank you for all your tips and advice. xxx


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