Saturday, 15 December 2012

Almost Christmas

Not a Black and White Photo .. this is exactly as I took it. 
Oh it's been the craziest of weeks.  I ran a sourdough course on Tuesday and loved every minute, then on Wednesday I flew out to Milan.  I can't say much more on that subject .. because it would ruin the story which will be out later in the New Year.

In the meantime it is time to say goodbye to my BBC radio Northampton Kitchen Garden Show.  It's  exactly 2 years that I have been doing this show and although I am rather sad that it is at an end, part of me is also hugely relived to have the time back, especially as I've spent more than a day a week putting it together, and with just my expenses covered it's been an amazing experience but I am sure you can imagine how thrilled I am to get a lie in on Sunday mornings in bed again!

As with most local BBC it's a lifeline for so many older people. The local paper has been cut down to just once a week, and I am very much afraid that the local BBC stations will be chopped down as they cut back on local peoples involvement  and I believe that it will be regionalised in much the same way as I have witnessed the print media over the next few years as budgets are chopped.  I loved it and it has been really fun, but now it is time to concentrate on a new project.  As one door closes another opens and I am bursting to tell everyone my news .... but I am not quite ready to say what it is yet.

So to change the subject  .. I've been pouring over Chantal Coady's Rococo book this afternoon .. so I am off to buy some chocolate to make something delicious now, and will leave you with a photograph I took on Tuesday morning this week.  It was so dark and frosty as I walked the children to school that it looks as though I took this picture in black and white... it's not, but I loved the shapes so I thought I'd share it.



  1. It does look like black and white - how grey it must have been. Waiting to hear what your new venture is going to be.

  2. What an enchanting photograph. I'm sure your radio audience will miss you, but look forward to hearing more about your new project (and as I've had a sneak preview I know it's very exciting). Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Italy as well.


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