Monday, 17 December 2012

New Blog New Direction

New Cookery School in Northamtpon

A new blog and a change in direction .. but can I say goodbye to an old friend?

I've been umming and arring about whether to day goodbye to Goddess on a Budget for months.  About five minutes ago I announced on Twitter my new adventure.  I have officially launched my site for my new cookery and gardening school in Northampton called Juniper and Rose Kitchen Garden School.

It's a beautiful site and I'm delighted with it. It has a blog and I love the way it looks. The most important thing for me is that people can see the courses and they are now able to book them and pay online.  Take a peek at it and let me know what you think?

Despite the fact that is going to be double the work I have come to the conclusion that I can't let this blog go altogether.  This is my emotional site.  This is where I pour my heart when I need to write and this site is like a old friend.  So I am not going to say goodbye after all.

I feel both relieved and excited.


  1. Vanessa, your new cookery school looks and sounds absolutely brilliant. The website is something to be proud of and I have to say I think you made the right choice in not closing down this site too. After all, it is as you say where you can speak of anything you feel you need to and it is part of you and your personality.
    I am sure you will be a huge success and I wish you lots of luck with your very exciting new venture! xx

  2. So exciting, wishing you lots of luck and happiness in your new adventure, the courses all sound so interesting. Jude x

  3. Good luck with this new direction. Sounds really exciting. Sour dough course on my wish list!

  4. Vanessa, this new venture looks and feels very beautiful, even the name. I wish you every success.

  5. Very best wishes and good luck with your new venture - so exciting. The new site is beautiful and the name inspired.

  6. Thank goodness for that, I thought I would be losing an old friend. But instead I have gained a new one. Your new project looks delicious. I think however, you are too far for me to come on one of your courses, you're down south are you not?

    Gillie x

  7. Good luck with your new venture. The new year will be very exciting for you.


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