Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Christmas Recycled Rag Dolls

The perfect Christmas gift .. a rage doll made from old clothes. 

It’s that time of year.  The time of year when the evenings are dark and for some unknown reason it seems to speed time up. Christmas is galloping faster and faster towards me and I’m not ready. I’ve so much to do that I am almost paralyzed.

This morning rather than get on with the work I have to do I stayed in my nightdress and cleaned.  I cleaned the floors and the oven and the walls and the tiles.  Of course I really need gloves because now I’ve ruined my manicure. It was the first manicure that I have had time for in months.  I was slightly ashamed of my tragically neglected nails and found myself apologising to the beautician for my lack of upkeep.

Between planting my tulips from Thompson and Morgan, cleaning out the chickens, bringing in the wood from the fire I am hardly one for princess nails anymore!  Still the one thing that I have actually got organised is the rag dolls for christmas.  They make the perfect gift in my book, especially because it recycles old clothes and uses up bits of vintage lace. The one pictured above is made with the dress material from an old 50’s dress from a friend who used to wear it and an old shirt of mine.  She’s so pretty on the sideboard I almost don’t want to give her away. 


  1. Vanessa, she is gorgeous, as was the beautiful doll you gave to Chantal on Friday.
    My nails are really dreadful, actually that should read my hands. I was preparing presents yesterday and decanting liqueurs. Squeezing damsons and sloes in muslin to ensure every last drop was out, has wreaked havoc on hands already suffering from the cold.
    I hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy your dazzlingly clean house.
    Jude x

  2. She is very cute and we have a brand new grand daughter Matilda - 3 days old who I am sure would just love one of these rag dolls for Christmas. The best thing is she can be made from off cuts.Better get sewing before Christmas is upon us!

  3. Love your rag doll, it reminds me of sitting with my Grandmother learning to sew. We made a 'chinaman' complete with silk coat. Of course she did most of the sewing but it was a great item to start to sew on as there was a wonderful doll at the end. Have I missed - Rag Doll For Christmas? Is it another of your wonderful events? GG


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