Friday, 29 October 2010

Developing the perfect pasta bake.

The sorry truth of the matter is that pasta bake has become synonymous with tuna and children. I’ve been wistfully remembering my former single / just married phase when I would make proper Italian pasta. Using the most fabulous home made pasata and delectable cheese. I decided that it is time to revisit the perfect pasta bake.

The pasta bake in itself is a is lowly dish if you like, but done right is the ultimate time short foodies dish. If you take this rather ordinary dish and use the very best ingredients then it can be it is outstanding. So I decided to do just that. Yes I bought the very best pasta, and of course I made my own pasata and the herbs were literally picked with in seconds of being scattered. But .. what made this dish the ultimate time short foodies recipe is the cheese. I’ve eaten something very similar using Taleggio on the square in Sienna. Taleggio has a strong aroma, but a surprisingly mild taste and a light tang. I wanted Taleggio .. but the niggle of buy British poked my conscience.

It was then I remembered The Cheese Shed. I met them on twitter. They are than online artisan cheese shop . You can see for yourself what a fabulous cheese they sent to me. It’s called Ogle Shield and you know what. It’s better than Talaggio. It has a superb fruity tang. If you want to make pasta bake of course you can throw in tuna and cheddar and feed the children. But to make the ultimate pasta bake this is the cheese and the recipe.. .well for this one you’ll just have to buy the book.

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  1. Yum!!!

    You've just made me really hungry!
    Pasta bakes really are under- rated and this looks so delicious - CAN NOT wait for the book to come out!!


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