Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Easy Tasty Italian by Laura Santtini

My husband picked this book up last night and joked he already had one of these. I moved give him a semi indignant protest slap .. but he moved out of the way quickly and I was half hearted in my attempt.

Laura Santtini’s book was shown to me as she won the guild of food writers award for best first book. This intrigued me. Here I am writing my first book. How cool would that be to win best first book prize? I’m fantasising now. The applause, the media attention .. the bright pink sticker on my book saying winner. So I thought I’d better check out what the standard is. Ladies and gentleman I can tell you, the standard is high.

Really high.

This book is a foodies bedtime erotic read. It’s all there, edible glitter, glamorous dishes, foreign ingredients (yes I know … Italian ingredients) It’s beautifully shot and reads with a super sense of humour. I can tell I would like Laura. She’s fun and passionate in her book, and I can see why she won the best first book. It’s brilliant at explaining how the flavours work together. The elixirs and potions and the claim to add magic into your everyday food makes me think of an food sorcerer at work. It is a magical book and I’ll certainly think about giving one to my mother in law for Christmas.. . I've been known to call her a witch !

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  1. Ha haa this post made me laugh out loud.


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