Sunday, 24 October 2010

Harvesting the grapes at my Parents Vineyard

Yesterday my PR manager Katie Read and her family joined us to harvest the grapes from my parents Award winning vineyard Fleurfields. We had to contend with everything the weather could throw at us .. but it was a super day. Children, fun, laughter, dogs stealing hats, some sunshine, some rain, wellingtons, buckets and buckets of grapes and lots of delicious food cooked by my mother and we picked until you could literally not see another grape in the dark. - The pictures tell it all!


  1. Yay for Jack Russells! My Basil sends a woof to them. LOL If the photographs are anything to go by, what could have been a monumental task of some tediousness, turned out to be something of a party. Excellent! :)

  2. Yes ..picking six tones of grapes is a monumental task! But is was such fun and a day to remember!


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