Saturday, 23 October 2010

Eggs .. I ask you .. Boiled Eggs!

It's half term an in the true spirit of a multi taking mum I decided to entertain the children by making my pizza and bread recipe. The kids love it and this was for John Griff on BBC Radio Northampton. I took my eldest daughter in with me. Much to my surprise she was really nervous, but we had a chat in the car and I advised her to be polite and honest and it would be fun! I think I was more nervous about taking my 8 year old onto live radio.. I was right though - it was fun . Inevitably John asked her what her favorite thing she likes that I cook . I've been cooking like mad .. all manor of delicious dishes for the book - and as a trained chef, what I consider tobe a superb cook and recipe book writer I waited for a response ( oh yes she was going to say what a fabulous mother I am and what delicious thinks I make ..the ego was waiting for praise.. ) ..... "boiled eggs," she said! ....... I ask you !!

listen here ( Just available until 29th October) the interview starts after 10 minutes.

There's nothing like a child to put things in perspective!

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  1. Is it what she had for breakfast?!
    Whenever I ask my pupils what they have enjoyed learning most, that year, it always seems to be what we have just done that morning, even if it's mundane!


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