Friday, 26 August 2011

Puppy love

For years we have talked about getting a dog, but with a garden that was just not big enough and very young children it wasn't practical. So now we've moved house the time is right and the children are old enough to enjoy a dog.. I am delighted to announce a new member of our family. Please meet Bodie.
He is a 13 weeks old rescue from a delightful lady who runs a Golden Retriever rescue centre and he is a cross golden retriever with a flat coat ... and I think he's utterly utterly gorgeous!


  1. Oh Vanessa, isn't he wonderful.

    with those eyes he will have you wrapped around one of his little paws in no time at all!

  2. Just darling, Vanessa. The fun starts here....! You will be like we are, pockets always stuffed with poo bags & treats (just in case!!) A totally gorgeous guy. Enjoy!

  3. Just adorable! We have a dog of a very similar mix - golden retriever cross lab and collie who many people think is a flatcoat. Anyway she is an absolute delight and fabulous with the children and everybody else. Hopeless at guarding the house though!

  4. Getting a dog for my children was the best thing I ever did. He's become a very much loved member of the family who none of us could bear to be without. A constant companion, a great listener, eager playmate and a hilarious source of entertainment. Enjoy xx

  5. Such an adorable puppy. No doubt he will give you all so much happiness and love. Its exciting going through the training process and seeing them learn - also the way they make you laugh when they're naughty too! Feel free to share anecdotes, tips, seek advice or anything doggy related!

  6. melting.... look at that face... our Holly is a black Golden cross... wavy coat when she gets wet... which is a lot!... he will love you forever!

  7. Oh Vanessa, you never said yesterday!! How exciting, as you know, I too have a rescue pup who was the same age when we took her home, they are hard work, but sooo worth it, if you need any advice, please ask, I've spent a fortune on training! Love him! xx

  8. Oh the eyes - he's gorgeous! You'll have so many family memories gushing over him. Dogs are such a great addition - enjoy!

  9. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces. Hopefully me and my wife will have a new Cocker Puppy soon :)
    From Scott at Sell My Puppy


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