Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What would you buy ?


 I am terribly fussy about items I buy for the kitchen.. especially because I tend to keep things for years and grow fond of my belongings.   I love British products, and feel really passionately about supporting our own designers and manufactures.  When this isn't possible  ( which is sometimes the case )  I like things that are built to last, that are iconic with consistent, fair customer services -  it goes with out saying I like things to be beautiful.  I have so many plans for my new kitchen and garden  ... what else does a girl do when she moves house?  
Well, seeing that most of the clutter has been cleared out and I really do need some new bits for the kitchen I thought I'd go and have a look at what there is in the shops.  For a start my kitchen clock broke in the move and I want to make ice-cream for two families that are coming for a meal next week.. and yet  my fabulous Cuisineart ice-cream maker isn't big enough to make the amount of ice-cream I need in one go .... and how am I meant to time making ice-cream with no clock? And what about the cups of tea I drink whilst I am writing up the recipes? I need some new mugs and my kettle is playing up  .. so I popped into my local kitchen shop Abraxus on St Giles Street in Northampton on Sunday and took photo’s of all the essential things I have ear marked to buy .. soon .... so I thought I'd share the photo's whilst deciding which I should get first! 
I must admit it feels delicious to be able to update certain things!
I'm not sure which of these lovely things I shall be treating my household to in the kitchen in the next week or two  ... 
So if you are reading this now I'd love to know ..  Do you freshen things up every now and again .. or are you a dies hard keeper of the things you initially bought? 
Do you hanker after a particular kitchen gadget or a new set of crockery .. or is it just me who loves to shake things up with some new bits? 
What exactly would you buy if you could?
Do tell me .. I'd love to know what makes you tick... tock in your kitchen!


  1. gosh that is a lot of stuff... the missus would totally be with you! i always have to put her handbrake on when she goes out shopping for kitchen things... personally I'm more of a if it ain't broke don't fix it (or replace it) guy... a kitchen aid is on the list though. but I assume you already have one of those ;-) and please no tick-tock-clock in the house... makes me nervous ;-)

  2. I would by all of it. I just love bits and bobs for the kitchen. I think thats why I became a Jame at Home consultant.

  3. Vanessa ,without a doubt it has to be the cuisinart ice cream maker. I have it and it is super. Ice cream made in 50 mins. The only down side is it makes about 1.2 litres, and we could do with double the amount, but love it nonetheless. ciao bella x

  4. What a lovely shop Vanessa! Just admiring my Sophie Conran at Portmerion china in the photo. I love it. There is nothing like tea in a pot wiht a jug of milk and a slice of homemade cake (made in the KitchenAid) on a beautiful plate. So there's my two kitchen favourites: lovely china and the KitchenAid. I make everything in it. Cakes, pastry, bread, sorbets even! Happy shopping! Charlotte x

  5. I think the general consensus it buy everything !


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