Sunday, 28 August 2011

Northamptonshire Food and Drink Show

Oh my feet are killing me!  I've been on them all day  .. and it's year sine the last show when I met Sophie Grigson.. I can hardly believe this twelve months has flown by .. just flown by!

So today I did my first cooking demonstration today at Holdenby House of the Northamptonshire food and Drink show and for some insane reason I have offered to help out and demo Cake Pops tomorrow. (I was persuaded by Caroline pictured left in pink next to Amanda on the right in the photo's below .. they are the beauty and brains behind this fantastic event)

I was rather nervous about doing a demo .. in fact I have had no sleep for days .. I kept  dreaming that I cut my finger off during the demo  .. and you'd never believe just how relived I was not to find my finger on the chopping board !  All ten fingers still intact  and actually  I quite enjoyed it .. in the same sort of way that you can enjoy and exam if you know the subject.. !

Well it has been a superb day, and promises to be the same again tomorrow.  There are over 70 local food producers, with cakes, jams, chutnesy, oils, burgers, sausages, bacon, wine, beer, fruit, vegetables, cury, spices and ice-cream and cheese  .. glorious cheese .. oh it's foodie heaven .. so if you are reading this tonight or early in the morning then come over to the show .. it's fabulous!

I think the highlights for me have been catching up with Henny from Cooking Gorgeous  - her aprons are quite simply the very best you can buy ... British made and a delight to cook in, and seeing Caroline and Steve from St Giles Cheese. Oh I love love love their shop  .. you guessed it .. it's on St Giles Street in Northampton and I shop there every week. ( Steve pictured above) 
It's such a great show ...  come if you can .. but I must dash now I have cake pops to get ready for noon tomorrow!


  1. Good day. Great catching up with you. Hope your books sold well. Bought cheeses, sparkling wine with gold leaf in it. The hogroast was soooooooooo lovely. Your demo with Richard Curtis was great, the Queen of puddings was very nice.

    Richard Curtis - taught our son, Chris at Northampton College & was great to catch up with him.

    Can you let me have the recipes for the cake pops & the Queen of Puds (I have a different one from the one you used). Ta everso xxx

  2. I'll try and get the recipe for you Di .. it;s Richard's version.


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