Monday, 15 August 2011

Two weeks with no internet access


I’ve moved house and it’s everything I imagined it to be. The gardens are fabulous and the Victoria features are simply beautiful. The ceilings are high, the windows are huge the privacy is fabulous! Yes I know the roof leaks and the electrics need redoing and that there is no insulation, but there is so much to do .. and more, and I love it. I just love the space for the children to run about in, and that I have a project to keep me busy for years and years to come!

Moving house meant two weeks without internet access. I practically had a panic attack when my husband told me to expect no surfing for that long! I denied that it would take that long for BT to get a line in. My coping mechanism -it would come much earlier I told myself... but here I am to confirm that it did take that long and that actually I really rather enjoyed parts of what felt like an enforced 1960’s pre-technology social experiment. My husband tells me that I’ve been a far nicer person to live with. Ok so I am always lovely to live with .. but with out internet am even more so! It was loosing twitter that was the hardest bit because I was cut off from my virtual friends, but it forced me to make the effort and catch up with all my girlfriends and their children. I’ve had lots and lots of friends for tea. I found that I talked more to my own children because I haven't been working and I've banned the TV for the whole holiday anyway. Interestingly I've got ten times as much done in the house, and I am on top of the washing and ironing for the first time in about a year .. how mundane - and yet oddly satisfying! That said I am here, back at my computer typing the second I got back on line!


I really missed the detail in life. Going to David Austin roses to get some plants for the garden, was overwhelming - there were just so many roses to choose from. If I had internet I would have researched the varieties I wanted to look at carefully and it would have been a far more productive and enjoyable experience, as a result I bought far fewer then I wanted to.
I missed the creative process of writing terribly. From about the age of seven I kept a diary. Of course they are excruciating to read and I never look at them, but in much the same way blogging is good for my soul. I have so much to write - including some fabulous recipes, roses and chickens and children - I am practically bursting to write. I need to write

Of course we shall of course keep the internet, however I have decided that there are to be some new rules. I shall shut my study door and leave it alone. From now on I'll be taking time out every week and switch it all off and get into my garden. So I will be spending far more time away from my computer. The sun is shining and there is some serious weeding to be done so .. I’m off to get my hoe out and my gloves on and I'l catch you all later!



  1. Its been quiet without you Vanessa, and you've been missed, but I agree with everything you say and have been thinking the same myself about restricting online time.
    The house looks very lovely and clearly has the makings of a gorgeous family home with lots of character.
    I hope you have a long and happy family life there full of joy!

  2. omg its stunning... what a house!... we need MORE pictures please... of everything!... glad to have you back x

  3. Yes, you have been missed, but what an i say. Amazing house and gardens. Wow, i can just imagine you in the garden pottering around. Have lots of fun through the summer, with the new house and children. Take care carmela x

  4. I feel loved and missed .. lovely feeling to have and I am glad to be back!

  5. Wow! Your new home looks like something out of 'Homes and Gardens' Magazine...except you get to live there!! Nice to have you back!

  6. Just come back from holiday with no internet access. Missed Twitter & the ability to look things up, like days out etc. Made me realise how much we depend on it! BUT I read so much more! Need to make changes here too! House looks amazing

  7. Hi! What a lovely house i love the features. I can't understand what it is with BT, they always take weeks longer than you expect to connect you up , but at least you had an enforced change of pace which sounds like it was refreshing x

  8. Love the images, looks a tranquil place. I'm sure pretty soon it will be 'home, sweet home'
    I look forward to many new recipes and blog posts. X

  9. It is tranquil, really calm and beautiful. It's quite a project though!

    I'll keep posting as things happen !


  10. Oh, the house looks really lovely, hope you will all be very very happy. Look forward to more recipes. xx


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