Friday, 29 July 2011

Thank you

These are the people who are adding the extra flavour my recipe book Prepped, I will be ever appreciative, and it is thanks to you I am able to do this. As each chapter was developed  and each recipe is written, tested, styled and photographed it  was involving than I could ever have imagined. From friends lending me crockery to babysitting my children to buying me emergency ingredients on the way to me. . This page is dedicated to thank the people who are helping to make Prepped happen, ...and it is no particular order.

Jason Atherton - I can't thank you enough.  Your praise and words for Prepped are just fantastic. Your encouraging words and wise comments about writing a recipe book really helped me. Thank you.

Nigel Slater your kind words and encouragement since I started this book have meant such allot to me.  When perhaps other people might have ignored a new writer on their first book you have taken time to give me support, even when you were up to your neck in Toast!  When I have wondered if I might complete my journey I have re read your communications and got back on with it.  Thank you! x

Dan Lepard for giving me his advice and help and generously supporting the next Prepped with one of his recipes.. thank you.  Dan  - I appreciate your words and encouragement very much and it is an honor to have the use of one of your recipes - I shall make delicious links to it!

Chantal Coady, who is as lovely as her chocolate. Thank you for the advice and the chocolate you have sent. The very best chocolate in the world can be found in your store, and that the chocolate school is the most fun a girl can have in London.. well perhaps during daylight hours that is . .. Fabulous Chocolates. The chocolate chapter is divine thanks to your help!

Henrietta Flynn from Cooking Gorgeous for sending me one of her fabulous Aprons - made in ENGLAND  ... so wonderful I never want to take it off .. well okay  perhaps at bedtime!

Sara Browne. . you are a super star!  You bring smiles and help where ever you are, it's no wonder everyone is always so pleased to see you... you're lovely.   Thank you for taking the photo of Sophie Grigson, Ben and Myself... it really is a great shot. xxx

Robyn Brook. Thank you for being such a kind and supportive friend to me this summer and for testing my recipes, giving me good honest feedback, and trying out new recipes out at your dinner party, what a brave lady you are!

Gill Parton. It was your compliment that started the thought process resulting in this book idea being conceived!  I really do have you to thank for this book! For letting me use your aga and garden for the photos, for being a such a dear and good friend and ...for being an inspiration -  thank you.  xxx

Melissia Lewis & Isabella thank you for allowing me to use your kitchen. The pictures look fab. Isabella, you were a star and perhaps you will become a famous model one day.. you were a brilliant helper.. Thank you!

Mick and Anne Andreaoli. Thankyou for being so brilliant as we took photos of me shopping at your fruit stall. There is no better fresh Fruit and Vegetable Stall on Northampton Market.

Arianna Artusi at De Gouray for the loan of the most divine wallpaper.

Kate Strutt and Cabbages and Roses for the loan of their superb fabric. Thank you the photos look amazing.

I contacted Lulu as I have been using her vanilla pods for a long time. Lulu Sturdy Thank you for sending me the Vanilla. Arriving straight from Uganda, it is beyond all vanilla I have ever had. The intense flavour and aroma of your vanilla is the sweetest of all dark things. Lulu is the Managing Director of Ndali Ltd (UK) and Ndali Estate Ltd (Uganda) you can visit her website at Her story is remarkable and I highly recommend her vanilla.

Cathinka. Thankyou for having the children at short notice, and at long notice too. Thank you for your friendship, and for being so kind as I cancelled our holiday for this book. You are the best friend a person could wish for.

Margate Lever. For your testing. Thank you. For your loan of your crockery. Thank you. For the use of your lovely house to take photos in. Thank you, and for your babysitting. You are just wonderful.

Fleur. My sister. You have been instrumental in the concept of this book. Sitting planning the recipes with me until you were drunk with tiredness or was it cocktails ... ? thank you. I love you.

Kellie. My sister in Law. Who looked after my children when I went to meet How To Books, and who, having never made jam before tested my jam instructions.

Lucy Lewis. For testing my jam instructions. Thank you, and for allowing me to use your house for a phoot shoot. You are kind. x

To JP at Carnival Taylor. For ordering in wall paper samples to use in the photo shoots. Thankyou. It is a wonder I didn't redecorate my entire house in your fabulous shop.

Emma Hodgson- for your kindness. For the last minute loan of cutlery and crockery. .. Thank you.  You lovely lady!

Syrus at the Natural Flooring Company for the loan of slate tiles to photograph the pasties on. Thank you.

Bunny. Brian Dunstone. For the hours and hours you have spent on the photographs. For your time teaching me how to photograph. You are a genius, as well as the best father in law a girl could have. Thank you.  ( Oh that will get me into trouble with my other father in law!)

Tony Hardacre. For the faith in me to take those pictures before the book deal. Thank you for being such a star.

Anna Brosnan.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write for the Chronicle and Echo.. It gave me the confidence to believe I could be published.  Thank you to you and your team. Ruth, Kellie, Louise,

Louise Smith.  What wonderfull wedding photos you did for my sisters wedding photos Thank you for letting me sneak in a Lavender Cocktail shot!

Joy DanielsNorthamptonshire Calligrapher. Thank you.  As I realised my hand writing is just no good for the photographs your beautiful hand writing came to  the rescue.  When I have the chance to I should love to do one of your classes.  Your work is art.  Thank you again for your kindness.  The labels look stunning.

Mum.  What would I do without you ? The love and support you give me is infinite. There is not enough room to list all you do for me.  It is an awful lot.

If for any reason I have left you off this page, please please don’t keep quiet. Late into the night writing means I forget things that happen sometimes..and I would be devastated if I had omitted a thank you.

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