Friday, 15 July 2011

Project egg chuck cake


Project egg chuck cake is a personal project for my children and for our life style as we move into a house soon with a garden big enough to keep chickens.  I want to see these eggs become chickens that lay for me and then I can bake cakes with the eggs they lay. I can't express how much this means to me.. our house has been on and off the market for over 3 years and finally we are to move house  - so the principle of this has come to represent everything our new lifestyle is about, I have a kitchen garden and room for a studio to do my photography in! 

We move 2 weeks today.  Of course rather then packing I am blogging  but as you can see I really did have to celebrate this!

I try as much as I can to use free range eggs.  I collect then from several places, and I know you can buy them but I want to have a selection on blue, brown and white eggs and I want my own chucks now!  Chickens at point of lay are about £15 each, whereas an egg cost me about 20p so my friend Cathinka has an incubator and we popped my cooking eggs in to it just 26 days ago and hey presto  .. 12 of the 20 hatched!  Aren't they gorgeous !!?

I can't wait to bake my first cake with my own eggs!


  1. OMG Vanessa, the chickies are gorgeous! Wish I had space for them too... x

  2. sooooo adorable!.... we're trying to sweet talk our neighbours to lease us the field behind our house for the express purpose of having chickens... bless those little furry faces! (well, they're feathers but you know what I mean!)

  3. They are lovely, I do hope they are good layers! I do envy you your lifestyle, I'd love to keep chickens!

  4. Oh soooooooo sweet. I have wanted choocks for years but Jeff won't have them. I used to collect eggs on family hols when I was a youngster. Familly hols always seemed to be on farms. Our neighbour has some & I adore them. The eggs are so good, bright orange. xxxx

  5. Lovely little chucks. Congratulations on getting somewhere you can keep them. I'd so love to have chickens. Going back to your previous post about dreams - that's my dream to have a proper farmhouse kitchen which is the heart of the house and where you can get more than 1 person in at a time and to have a garden big enough to grow all our stuff and have chickens. I am very lucky in that I can buy very local free range and organic duck eggs, but as you say, it's not the same. Good luck with the move.

  6. Those little guys are so cute! I'd love to own my own chickens one day. When I was in high school I mentored a grade 2 class and their project for the term was to learn about chickens and hatch the chicks. I was there to watch the whole process from the day they brought the eggs in to the day they hatched and when they had to go back to the farm. It was an amazing experience and I'd love to do it on my own. Sadly, I don't think chickens would fare too well in a 2 bedroom flat. Someday.....

  7. We have lavender pekin bantums at home. They are extremely tame and come and sit inside the kitchen in a strop when it rains. If you are interested a friend of my mothers hatches quail in an incubator from waitroses quails eggs.


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