Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tell me your dream ....

I followed my dream and here I am ... I'm now officially a food writer and being commissioned to write articles. I have a BBC radio show and a newspaper column, and have also been asked to put my business brains into gear and bring a fabulous new product to market later in the year as a food consultant.. .so things are coming together!
So life is different all right.. I'm doing the thing that I love, about to renovate a fabulous house and living my dream. However for those of you who have followed my journey it's not been without it's moments, and it's been hard work I can tell you but there is a dash of luck involved and support from my family.

Thing thing that I noticed as I've being busy pursuing my dreams is that almost everyone I have spoken to also has a dream .. some so practical and possible that I want to shake the person and say just do it.. it's such a terrific idea!
Other idea's are just that - dreams .. fabulous moments of head in the clouds fantasy .. but still they are a dream and we must all have one .. for life is should always have possibilities however large or small.

So my interactive linked blog post is this. Tell me your dream in a blog post.. are you already following your dream ? It doesn't have to be a food related thing .. any dream would be fabulous .. Write it down however small or huge and link to this page ( tweet me or email me a link with a a picture if possible ) and I'll add each post here below as they comes in until the end of July. I'll pick my favourite three blog posts and cook you all a dreamy lunch at the end of September in Northampton.. or I can send you some fabulous Rococo chocolates instead if you live too far away.

Happy blogging.


HERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE"S DREAMS  - tread carefully they have been lain at your feet.

The delightful Dom of Belleau kitchen has written this fabulous post about following his dream .. with a seriously yummy tart to go with it. !

I love love Lucy's blog  .. her dreams are here, and her post is written straight from her heart.

Here Is my dream.  I am on my way again.

The lovely Julia has posted her dreams here

Rachel has started a blogs as part of following her dreams. this post made me smile all the way through.. it's warm and humorous.

I am totally blown away by this lady Rebecca Subbiah's post as she videoed her reply  from Chow and Chatter


  1. congrats on all your success thats awesome I started staying home as a mum, have a recipe app, and coach some on social media, my dream is to somehow make it all a living :-)

    Rebecca A Brit in the US

  2. well, you know my dream... in fact you've been helping me with my dream already, so I daren't not take up even more of the Vanessa love!!! xxx

  3. Alright I made my blog post today about my dream. Thank you for stirring this inspiration in me.
    I hope I have the pleasure of getting to know you better, because your blog has me captivated.

  4. How lovely to read these dreams !

  5. Here is mine:

    Thank you for the inspiration :-)

  6. Hiya Vanessa, what a lovely, lovely post. And I've thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's dreams (and being inspired by yours).

    Here are mine!

  7. Hi Vanessa. I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I am so inspired by your story and I posted my dreams on my blog. Here's the link:

  8. At the moment I'm dreaming about your extremely inspired idea for cardamom sugar. I love the citrussy aroma of it in the sugar and the subtle additional depth of flavour it brings to baked goods. I'm using it in everything - slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

  9. I have various random dreams, though a continuous one is to become a nurse..not sure why and have been skating the edges for a while now, just need to commit to it I guess! :)

  10. Hi Vanessa,

    Here is my dream:

    Thank you for being so inspiring!

    Charlotte x

  11. I trained as a classical vocalist in college but stopped because of family and career. When I heard Jackie's voice, for the first time in my life I heard perfection. Let's be clear, my voice will never reach the natural perfection she possesses, but listening to her helps me understand the direction I need to be going. Her tones are crystal clear, yet she has vibrato. Her pitch is exact. By trying to emulate her sound, I have actually improved my own voice. In fact I auditioned and was recently accepted into the most prestigious chorus in the city. I credit this achievement in a great part to Jackie because she showed me to way to excellence.


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