Saturday, 17 September 2011

Goddess on a budget - Flowers


I love flowers.  Gorgeous romantic blooms across the table. Yesterday in London I spotted two lots of Hydrangeas'.  A young plant for £45 and a bouquet for £55. To be honest I want the look but not the cost.  So here is my version. The plant cost me less them £5 from Thompson Morgan and I think it's just as beautiful!

So my top tip today is to go out and get a beautiful hydrangea plant and pop on in the garden as a cutting specimen  .. you'll get at least 3  - 4 lots of flowers from one fully grown plant .. every year!


  1. I ADORE flowers and feel happy when I have them in the house! Your photos are wonderful and I have already entered you competition!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  2. The blooms are beautiful and your suggestion is on my list of things to do - I already have a beautiful white hydrangea in my front garden that turns green/pink as it ages which are just as lovely. I also have a couple in the back garden which didn't do so well this year - I must find out why. I have entered your competition already.

    On a separate topic - I have blogged my Random Bake of Kindness on my blog http://l' Hope it is suitable.


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